Amplifier for a 2.1 sound system, but with crossover controls.

Kevin Higby

May 9, 2015
Hi, I recently started a project retrofitting a record player cabinet with two midrange speakers and a subwoofer, and I'm looking for a way to amplify the system.
I need at least 35 watts per channel for the midrange and preferably more for the woofer, and crossover and volume control with the sub.
So far I've tried purchasing a Lepai LP168HA and desoldering and extending the potentiometers so the volume and tone knobs would fit where the old record player knobs were.
However, the left speaker outputs are dead, and I can't figure out how, as I only desoldered the potentiometers from the board.
I'm willing to buy a breadboard and put all the parts together myself at this point, since what I'm looking for doesn't seem to exist.
Is there anything that would make this an easier process for me?
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