Question Suggestions, replacement for Cambridge Soundworks 2.1

Dec 7, 2020
I have a failing setup, consisting of a 2.1 Cambridge Soundworks (common issue with swelling volume randomly due to failing pot in volume control).

Like many, this setup has served me incredibly well for probably 25 years, the volume knob can't easily be replaced, since the original pots are impossible to find, but I'm nearly tempted to fashion a new enclosure for a new volume control.

I've been looking for alternative speakers which always seem to fail one requirement, usually the cable to the sub.

Budget is no issue.

I currently have the sub sat behind me with an extension cable for the volume control (which goes into the sub), and so need to be able to extend cables between speakers and the sub with ease, static cables won't do, which rules out most Logitech stuff.

The satellite speakers are also connected with arbitrary speaker wires - another must.

I also have a Scarlett Solo under the desk, so could use that for output, if it makes any difference to anything (maybe using monitors?), but I use that for headphones (switch my audio out on the pc to the Scarlett when I want to headphones, so I don't need to plug anything in.

I control EQ on the PC, so was tempted for the monitor approach (I also do occasional recording/streaming, but not enough to overly worry about).

The placement/flexibility of the volume control is also important, being on the right speaker isn't too bad.

Distance between shelf and desk edge is 10cm, which would give a height to the bottom of the monitors of roughly 19cm, though possibly limit any direction of the satelites.

Distance between the shelf and bottom of the monitors is roughly 11cm.

I'd love to keep these speakers and re-use them in some new setup (with a new sub), but no idea where to start.

I'm not averse to a homebrew solution.

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There are not many, if any, speakers of that size with the sound quality they had. If not for the layout you have I would normally say the Klipsh ProMedia but the satellites are much larger and the controls are on the speakers so you lose the knob where it is.

Maybe a cheap 2.1 set, and toss the satellites to use yours but with most of them you would need to use the RCA wires and then strip the speaker ends to put in your satellites.

Or find a used working set of the same speakers, they are around.

Kanto and Audioengine make great compact speakers, but they are a good deal larger than the ones you have now

These Vanatoo ones are good
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