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    Question Rode NT1-A mic creates Clicks when editing on Audacity

    The Rode is new -- I've always used a Yeti and never had this problem. I use the USB mic on a Windows 10 laptop for a podcast and make about 10 edits per 20 seconds. I shouldn't have to use click removal every time I make an edit and don't want the distortion of using the 'click removal' on the...
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    Exporting Multiple Tracks to a Single WAV, Increases Volume/dB

    Hello folks. This issue is really grinding my gears, I'd be enthused if one of you lads could help me with this. So I have a FL Studio project with multiple tracks (which specific DAW I'm using doesn't seem to matter however). When I export the project as a single WAV, the resulting WAV is much...
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    Audacity recording quality drops when using Action!

    Hey, I'm having a weird issue in which the quality of my audio recordings in Audacity drop drastically when I activate my screencapture. The quality is pretty good to start out, then when I hit record on my screen capture the audio gets much louder and starts to echo. I have the most recent...
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    Microphone detects static sound during recording use!

    Hello, So, I had this machine for a week and a half now, and I'd like to continue my YouTube channel gaming but I found a little problem while trying to use Audacity. I like to do a test run with the mic first to see if it's set up right. I instantly found this when I heard it and it's like...
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    Recording Audio from TV onto a PC

    I have a Lenovo Y40 Laptop with a realtek soundcard which can record audio. My TV is a Panasonic. It does not have RCA outputs for Audio. Only inputs. There's a digital audio input/output. I have a Xfinity cable box with RCA outputs, so I plugged in my RCA R/W with 3.5 mini jack, and if I...