Solved! Uprade from Logitech z506 (Studio monitor advicing)


Feb 5, 2015
Hi, currently I have a set of Logitech z506 5.1 speakers. They sound good, but I've been to a friend's home studio some years ago and he has only a pair of monitors no dedicated subwoofer apparently and they already sound 10 times better than my setup.

The thing I'm asking for help: I'm looking for a good pair of speakers, I'm trying to stay at $200 maximum. But If I'm needed to pay more for a better product I'm willing to save.

Is there a good pair of speakers that "everyone uses"? Maybe there are some popular monitors out there so I can get a glimpse of how good the speakers are. I mean if everyone is using it that means they're fairly good monitors or at least a good point of reference. (I've seen a lot of those black boxes with yellow drivers speakers, which ones are they? Are they really good?)

What is a nice upgrade from the Logitech z506? (Something about twice its price) (I wanna stay away from these kind of speakers, they're really like cheeply made compared to a real amateur sound system, please help me)

Also, I'm really ignorant about studio gear and stuff so, do I need some kind of sound interface? If so consider that into the reccomendation. Good starter kit audio interface thing + monitors. The one you would reccomend to a beginner.

I'm looking at some Mackie cr4 monitors, are they good? they're $200. What is a good sound interface to pair them with?

Also look at this they're at really good price, should I do it? What's a nice interface?

TL;DR (kinda): Studio monitor + audio interface starter kit for $200 max?.
Just want them to listen to music, play games and watch videos. So I want something with good sound highs and lows very sharp. And maybe when I have that good setup I get into recording but that is not that important just yet.

Happy holidays and merry xmas!



Feb 5, 2015

Hi thanks for the help. Hey man, I have a 5.1 pci sound card because my motherboard does not have 5.1 built in but these speakers are connected by headphone jack right? I was reading about it and they say something like that input is unbalanced and you would need something else to balance it. Also what should I look at when looking for active or powered monitors?. Thanks again man have a good night.


Nov 3, 2009

For recording you would use an external amp but...powered speakers are the choice under $200.
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