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  1. C

    Solved! Uprade from Logitech z506 (Studio monitor advicing)

    Hi, currently I have a set of Logitech z506 5.1 speakers. They sound good, but I've been to a friend's home studio some years ago and he has only a pair of monitors no dedicated subwoofer apparently and they already sound 10 times better than my setup. The thing I'm asking for help: I'm looking...
  2. mendron

    Logitech Z506 + Laptop

    Good evening gentlemen. So, I currently have a laptop as my main home computer. I use it as if it was a desktop computer because although +2 yrs old, it's still a very good machine. It's an ASUS N53SV in good shape. Anyway, recently I was offered a Logitech Z506 speakers set. I've been using...
  3. CmdrJeffSinclair

    Are Logitech Z506 Full Range?

    Are Logitech Z506 5.1 Channel surround sound "Full Range?"
  4. CmdrJeffSinclair

    Surround Sound Quiet Speakers

    Hi there, 3 of my 5 5.1 channel surround speakers are very quiet while the other 2 are as loud as I set them to be via Windows. Just curious how to fix this issue. --Device: Logitech Z506 5.1 channel (PC) surround sound system (5 satellites + subwoofer) --Audio Driver: AMD HDMI Audio --Windows...
  5. D

    Logitech 5.1 Z506 subwoofer problems.

    I bought my logitech 5.1 z506 surround more than a year ago. It all went perfect. Installed it, nice sound, pretty noisy. But now i have a big problem. Every time i listen to music and turn the volume up the subwoofer makes a noise, like the bass and some brrr noise *sorry can't describe it* And...
  6. V

    z506 speakers problem

    hey guys i just purchased the z506 and when testing in realtek only if i click 7.1 do all of my speakers work and this is a 5.1 system. furthermore on both 5.1 and 7.1 tests the speaker symbol that lights up does not correspond with the speaker that actually plays the audio. what should i do to...
  7. C

    Logitech Z506 - Only sound coming from front L/R and subwoofer (2.1)

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my Z506. I bought it yesterday, and have tested each speaker individually and they all work fine. I have set up the speakers using an analog connection (Green, Orange and Black) to an External USB 5.1 Sound Card. The three cables come from the back of the...
  8. Noshiz

    z506 - sound stops unexpectedly (often)

    Hello community of Tom's Hardware. I just bought some brand new Logitech Z506 surround system speakers and i am having same issues with them. I connected them properly to my desktop PC (using the green wire) and after like 30 minutes of working with them, they suddenly stopped working. I...