z506 - sound stops unexpectedly (often)


May 9, 2013
Hello community of Tom's Hardware.

I just bought some brand new Logitech Z506 surround system speakers and i am having same issues with them.

I connected them properly to my desktop PC (using the green wire) and after like 30 minutes of working with them, they suddenly stopped working.

I started checking my pc believing that it was a drivers problem, but it wasn't and that because i connected them to my iPhone and still no sound was coming out of them.

5 or 6 minutes later they started working again. I thought that whatever the problem was, it was "fixed" so i plugged them back in to my pc and started playing a game, volume was normal.

1 hour or a bit more later, they stopped working again. Few minutes after it, speakers once again started working.

This happened 2 more times and i can't find what the problem is.

I have Windows 7 64-bit fully updated and i am pretty sure that the problem is not because of PC (otherwise when i plugged them at the iPhone they would have worked).

I am thinking that it might be a heat problem, maybe a safety mechanism is turning them off when they overheat, but the thing is that they don't really over heat, the volume is low and temperature room is good. So i believe that this mechanism could be (sadly) defective and i'll have to send them back.

Is there anything i am missing here? Something i could do to check that mechanism (if one exists)?

Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.