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  1. G

    Sharp Television Not Working

    I found a sharp 43” television laying up against a tree brought it home plugged it up it powers on screen is lit but when I push menu button nothing appears on screen. Model number is LC-43UB30U. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be or have herd of this problem?
  2. C

    Lokking for best laptop option for working remotely

    Hi, I am in need of a laptop to work from home. I work for a large corporation and I access multiple applications per day. I am not sure what type of laptop would be the best option. Any suggestions?
  3. A

    Solved! My tablet f107 power key won't turn on to home screen until i insert it to power bank before it comes up to home screen and my

    My tablet f107 power key won't turn on to home screen until i insert it to power bank before it comes up to home screen and my volume keys are not working please help....
  4. J

    Solved! I have a hyperX cloudflight headset for 2 days, yesterday i charged it over night and when i got home, i powered it on then of

    I have a hyperX cloudflight headset for 2 days, yesterday i charged it over night and when i got home, i powered it on then turned it off after about 2 minutes, and now nothing happens when i hold down the power button, ive tried lots of methods.
  5. alanps

    Camera and mic for conference

    I'm moving to Spain like 12 hours (by plane) and USD $1000 away from my family and, since we are really close, I'd like to install at home a good cam and mic to be able to talk and see each other at dinners, etc. Any hardware (cam and mic) recommendations? About budget, around $150 $200. Thanks!
  6. T

    How to find my switchoff mobile at home?

    I forgot where I kept?
  7. T

    Weird iPad issues

    So I have the 10.5 inch iPad Pro and it’s been an awesome device, but I have 2 minor issues: The first one is a little light bleed on the top of the screen. This one doesn’t bother me much, but it’s there. However, the second one is the battery. I get pretty good battery life from this, but when...
  8. R

    How To Add Fire TV Applications To Home Screen

    The Amazon Fire TV is one of the most popularly used devices across the world. Owing to its easy navigation and a wide range of varied features many people prefer this device. Features like connecting with the Alexa are one of the highlights. You can also add applications to the home screen...
  9. J

    Home Theater Help

    I am trying to set up a home theater system and need assistance. I have a Epson Home Cinema 2150 Projector and I am trying to hook up a Samsung 5.1 CH Blu Ray Home Entertainment System HT-J5500W. I was told only an HDMI would be needed but I have tried two different cables and the projector...
  10. T

    Solved! My are is stuck blinking on and off on the home page when I turn it on What's wrong with it

    My zte Blinks on and off when I turn it on in the home page. I've tried a soft recent but can't get to the reboot pg
  11. R

    How to Set Up Channel Shortcuts in your Roku Device

    Creating shortcuts for anything is a very convenient thing we do. And through shortcuts, we have less to sweat. The thing about Roku device is that you would not want to indulge in long hours of clicking the buttons of the Roku remote because let’s face it, we’re impatient. But there is no point...
  12. N

    not connecting to home wifi but can use wifi speaker. Is that weired?

    Hello guys i just wonder. I bought B&O beosound2​ and connect it to my home wifi connection. My phone(mate9pro)​ can play song via my new speaker without connect to my home wifi ( turn off both wifi and bluetooth at my cellphone, but my girlfriens's iphone xs max cannot do that. Do you think...
  13. M

    Solved! Receiving ARC audio output from the TV and sending video to the TV with one HDMI cable?

    My home TV setup is a bit unusual making modifications difficult. My TV is wall-mounted in the front of the room and all of the A/V equipment is in the back. The cables running from the back of the room to the TV and speakers are all run through the walls, so adding new cables would not be easy...
  14. 13thmonkey

    Google home hub

    Anyone using the home hub? Can it be set up so that there is a home screen with day and time on it? and then only showing alarms etc. when needed? What happens if someone swipes on the screen? does it revert to the home screen again?
  15. R

    How to Use a Roku Stick When Away from Home

    Roku is easily the biggest selling digital player in the market owing to its extensive range of intuitive features including the easy manipulation of the operations. The highlight of the product is that one can easily use the Roku stick even while traveling away from the home. You can carry the...
  16. A

    Solved! do you lose your dvr movies when you move to new home

    do i keep my recorded movies when i move
  17. N

    My Intel next book screen glitches out.

    I received this nextbook for Christmas. The problem with it is when it is turned on and at the home screen after a while, the screen goes black and has weird multicolored glitch blocks on it. the picture attached shows what it looks like.
  18. O

    How to get rid of 360 chinese program

    A few days ago, I had to download autocad for a project I had to finish at home. I had to torrent it as my company autocad was restricted on my home pc. Anyways, I downloaded a version that had lots of viruses which I was able to delete, however there was a remnant chinese program pop-up that...
  19. A

    Solved! how do i edit the home page on my laptop

    I would like to add apps to my home page but dont have a clue how. Please help and make it as easy as possible because I am not that good with captops. Thank you
  20. M

    I lost Sound in my Desktop, windows 10 Home 64 bit. How to get back the sound?

    using windows 10 Home 64bit. suddenly I lost sound. No voice. Cannot hear even any sound. All kinds of troubleshoot known are done. No use. I will remain grateful if you assist me in getting back the sound.
  21. M

    Monroe is home

    Going from iPhone 8+ to a 10 (rx it crashes) I backed up by using iCloud. Email account is on my new phone without the emails. How do I retrieve them on my new phone?
  22. A

    Solved! I purchased a Lenover ideapad 330 and when I bought it home the battery symbol said plugged in, not charging. I brought it bac

    I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 330 and when I bought it home the battery symbol said plugged in, not charging. I brought it back to Best Buy and got a new Lenover. After one day the new one also said plugged in not charging. Called Lenover and tech said when the battery goes down to 80% it will...
  23. D

    Panasonic 5.1 Home Theatre’s subwoofer making rattling/cracking and popping sounds

    I recently bought Panasonic SC-XH166 5.1 Home Theatre as it was on sale. https://www.panasonic.com/middleeast/en/consumer/home-entertainment/audio/home-theater-systems/sc-xh166.html It has a subwoofer (model no. SB-HW3010) connected to it which makes rattling/cracking noise intermittently on...
  24. P

    Solved! Help with gaming decision god please :D

    Hello, im forced to sell my gaming station (amd 2600, gtx 960,8gb ddr4, ssd) at home, because ill be traveling a lot. Im gonna keep my 32” 2K screen at home and occasionaly use it when im home along with new laptop. So my question is...Is the i7 8750h, gtx 1060, 16gb, m.2 ssd able to delivery...
  25. L

    Solved! How can I fix my TV, it won't let me enter the home button

    On my Samsung smart TV, it turned to almost a cable TV, it won't let me go to the home/menu, or even the source to change on to my xbox, I really don't know what to do, please help me:(:(:(
  26. A

    Solved! When I use HDMI on my computer via Tv it only lets me See my home screen Why?

    Say it all in title
  27. J

    Connected to internet but no access to internet

    I am connected to the internet through my laptop, home network.but I cannot access the internet through any browser (tried IE, Mozilla, and chrome) Skype doesn't work. But I know it's not my router cause my phone and Xbox access my home network and work fine. I have tried tethering my phone the...
  28. Y

    Help me now

    I got a next book Ares 8A’s From Walmart and came home and opened it up and it was a kurio not a next book ares 8a I been to Walmart I need help
  29. C

    Solved! My max duo turns on and the home button slowly flashes slowly however the screen won’t light up

    My max duo comes on but the screen won’t light up. Not so much as a crack in it. What can I do to fix this problem
  30. B

    Solved! all electronics in home hacked maybe?

    If this is duplicate please excuse. Cannot find my original. Something is happening in the house. House phone appears hacked, service is through router or modem, messages on base include "headset too far from base" no headset, "check phone line" . Phone is in and out of service. Not able...
  31. Q

    Solved! My dad got me a RCA Voyager III tablet while he was out of state when he got home he lost receipt. He paid with his debit card

    Dad got me a RCA Voyager III while out of state from Walmart paid with debit card lost receipt how can i get a copy of receipt or an activation code??
  32. A

    Solved! Had lightning strike near home. There was a power cut before the lightning, as soon as power was on I realized my WiFi modem w

    Lightning strike affected my satellite what is broken box or dish. Got power to box cannot get signal or radio
  33. R

    Solved! home network not working on laptop but everything else is fine

    I'm using Windows 10 btw, also I'm a bit of an "old man", when it comes to computer stuff so technical terms are way out of the picture with me. So my computer is fine, I've connected to other wifi connections before and it's totally fine. My phone and everything else runs perfectly with the...
  34. G

    Cyber Monday Deal: Ninja Smart Screen Blender Hits Lowest Price Ever

    The Ninja Smart Screen Blender is now at its lowest price ever. Cyber Monday Deal: Ninja Smart Screen Blender Hits Lowest Price Ever : Read more
  35. H

    Solved! New Home Sub woofer

    I am looking to get a new sub woofer for my home system mainly used for loud music. What would be a great sub around $1000?, i have looked around and can't choose so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  36. O

    Home Reciever plus preamp plus amp

    Hello I have a home receiver which doesn’t seem to have Rca pre out amp connections. I have a separate pre amp and matching amp. Can this trio be Connected to deliver an increased signal to the two speakers? Thanks.
  37. 2

    Solved! So my zmax blade turned off and wont turn back on. When I hold my volume keys it wont even vibrate or the home button.

    So my zmax blade turned off and won't turn back on. When I hold my volume keys it won't even vibrate or the home button won't light up. I tried the holding power and the volume keys. email me the answer :removed by Moderator
  38. L

    Solved! Onkyo 7.2 surround sound shuts off in 2 seconds

    I have a Onkyo receiver amplifier 7.2 surround sound. It stays on for two or three seconds and shuts itself off. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong with it? How can I troubleshoot it? Is it something that a handyman could fix it home? Thank you very much Larry Olson Morlan Georgia
  39. J

    Solved! connecting TV to Amp

    I have a mhsamp-06-cube home system that is rca plug driven. Beside splicing the rca plugs into my TV speakers, how do I hook up to control the volume
  40. R

    Solved! How do I watch a DVD through home computer using HDMI cord

    I want to watch a movie through home computer using a DVD player with HDMI cord
  41. Q

    Solved! Can't seem to reboot j2 prime

    Tried the power button+ up volume + home button = Nothing Please help me
  42. S

    Solved! Amazon Kindle Fire Boots to Account Registration Screen, no Back/Home Buttons

    My brother owns a Kindle Fire tablet that he uses nearly 24/7. He was playing on it today when he says that "Alexa" opened up. He didn't have an account linked to the tablet, and it opened up a screen to register/link an account to the Fire. However, the back, home, and program list buttons were...
  43. D

    Solved! Best bass home speaker

    Hi, I currently have the bose acoustimass system with a passive subwoofer and it produces close to no bass, I hate it. I would like to find a good speaker system 5.1 or 2.1 with a lot of bass. My price range would be up to $500. Thanks, Felix
  44. N

    Solved! control tv away from home

    How can I shut off my son's tv from 30 miles away? Willing to buy tv and hardware or software
  45. J

    lost my signal

    i had great signal when i shut my tv off then i came home and turned my tv on and had no signal. nothing changed but i lost my signal. i have tried to search channels again and still have no signal. any help would be great thanks
  46. L

    Factory reset my LT 20 gateway netbook

    Netbook turns on but no home screen Just a flashing line in the upper left corner . HELP.
  47. F

    I lost my Sumsung grand prime somewhere in the house and its switched off pls help me find it

    i lost my phone at home and i have no idea where it might be could you please tell me how can i find it
  48. J

    how can u do a factory reset when screen or charms won't pull up?

    I did a factory reset on my home laptop, then it crashed. How can u do a reset when screen won't open to see charms, desktop or anything else?!!!!
  49. Z

    Solved! Gs7 reset itself

    My Galaxy S7 just reset itself today on the way home from work. One minute I was texting, the next minute it had a black screen and said reset then the little android man showed up and screen said ERASING!!!! I had to set everything up like brand new, I’m so pissed!!!!!!!
  50. C

    Solved! Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless or SteelSeries Arctis 5? Help me choose one.

    Hello friends. I'm getting a deal from a guy here in home country. He's giving me "box opened" SteelSeries Arctis 5 for $75 which is a steal deal. On the other hand, I'm getting Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless for $100. Which one do I choose? I don't have anything for or against wireless...
  51. P

    Sony home incomplete

    Hi. I have a problem with the product Sony home bdv-n7200w, I have incomplete equipment, I lack the central speaker. My questions are: is there the possibility of buying one? in what place? if not, can a compatible speaker be used? thank you! Greetings. Paul
  52. K

    Solved! removing Lightspeed filters on Personal home computer

    So my school uses lightspeed filters to block stuff at school on our school Google accounts which I get but when I need to log in at home it gets very annoying because it seems to block sites even when I'm on my own account. Is there any way that I can remove it from the PC since I am an admin...
  53. M

    Solved! Icon for the preinstalled camera disappeared from home screen.

    The icon for the preinstalled camera of my Huawei Honor 8 disappeared frommy home screen. The app itself is still there. I find it in settings in enabled apps and I can activate the camera from my lock screen. How do I get the icon back on my home screen?
  54. B

    Solved! How do I get out out of amazon prime tv back home to regular channels

    We have a vizio E65 F0. I CANNOT get out of the Amazon Prime app. Can’t get back to cable TV. HELP
  55. L

    In-wall speaker suggestions

    Hello, needing some help with in-wall speakers. Home is premiered for 5.1 surround In family room. Currently bought a Martin Logan center channel, ELAC sub and yahmaha aventage 1070 receiver. Am trying to stay in budget of 700-800 total on the in wall speakers for the 4 total needed. Best Buy...
  56. L

    None these is NOT HELPING ME. How do get to my att home page

    So how one my photo is covering my att home site to reach or check my mail