Solved! removing Lightspeed filters on Personal home computer

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May 3, 2015
So my school uses lightspeed filters to block stuff at school on our school Google accounts which I get but when I need to log in at home it gets very annoying because it seems to block sites even when I'm on my own account. Is there any way that I can remove it from the PC since I am an admin on it so that this doesn't happen on my PC.

I also don't know why it needs to monitor the PC even when chrome is closed. In chrome, developer mode is blocked and we cant add extensions either.

The specific extensions being used are Lightspeed S-Mobile Filter, Lightspeed user agent, and uBlock Origin.

Any help would be awesome.

Who ones your computer - the school, or you? If it's you - check with place of purchase about how to remove any third-party stuff. If your school owns the computer, and you don't like it, don't use it.



No, we cannot assist in helping you to remove that blockage.

If the school has given you this laptop, oh well. It is theirs.
If it is your laptop, then you need to work out with the school why it is blocking your use of it.

Again, there is nothing we can or will do for this.
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