Weird iPad issues

Jan 14, 2019
So I have the 10.5 inch iPad Pro and it’s been an awesome device, but I have 2 minor issues: The first one is a little light bleed on the top of the screen. This one doesn’t bother me much, but it’s there. However, the second one is the battery. I get pretty good battery life from this, but when it’s at 30%, the battery indicator gets kinda erratic. Lets say, some percentages last seconds, sometimes I lock the device and take it an hour later and it has lost 3-5 % while being completely idle, and whenever I do something intensive (like turning up the brightness, or playing a game), the battery lasts very little, but the percentage which is left after the “intensive” use finishes lasts way longer, around 30 minutes with continuous usage. This last issue happens regardless of the percentage the iPad is in. The one that worried me the most was around 20 minutes ago, where the iPad had 2% left and I decided to play Grid Autosport. It shut down just as I opened the app, but when I pressed the sleep button I turned on again with 5%. This 5% lasted around 20 minutes before dropping to 4%.

I’m worried for my iPad, is this a real issue or just paranoia? Thank you for your help.