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    Overwhelmed with building home stereo system

    I have been trying to research different receivers and amplifiers so I can build my own home stereo system, I want to use a pair of Q-POWER subs that are brand new. They are 600 RMS @4 ohms. This is a DIY project and I am completely lost. Can someone please offer some advice on what receiver and...
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    Hi, i can have one of both, and i really like both, so i can't decide which buy, do you think that the partition master is necessary? because i think i could do everything without software so i probably go for backup what u think ? ty
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    Disabling forced upgrade of Skype 7.41 to Skype 8

    I don't know where to open this thread. Admins can move it to the correct board if it is in the wrong one. Anyway: recently, my Skype 7.41 started to display messages in its home page, that it will be disabled if I won't upgrade to the new Skype 8, which have a crap interface, missing lot of...
  4. H

    Home printer purchaser

    Hi, re Canon TS-9160, when a cartridge needs to be replaced, is that individual cartridge replaced, or do all cartridges need to be replaced? Prospective purchaser
  5. C

    Need help with bass on my speakers

    I have Sony 2 channel 270 have home receiver and will not push my woffers hardly no bass checked my wires and everything is fine there but my receiver has no sub woofer hook up just speaker 1 and speaker 2
  6. E

    Laptop locks up only when on home wi-fi while multiple other networks are fine....

    I travel for work as a consultant and use multiple wi-fi networks in the airports, at various companies, coffee shops etc. and my laptop never locks up. When I am home on weekends it locks up multiple times a day but I've noticed if I turn off my wi-fi it does not lockup. Could my home...
  7. S

    Can’t get into Google account

    On vacation & broke iPhone, I couldn’t get a new phone from my carrier until I got home, so I bought a straight talk phone & it issued me a new number...??? Now I can’t get into my any of my google accounts...I have gone to the recovery website....of course I couldn’t remember password, date I...
  8. A

    Infinix hot s3

    Infinix hot s3 is not work in google settings removed how it is works in my device and my device is not play store app and notifications bar and home buttons and regents buttons
  9. K

    home audio system only playing left side speakers

    I just moved into a new house with home audio set up. There is a Yamaha receiver with a Monster Cable multi-speaker selector. all speakers are hooked up to the Monster multi-speaker selector but only the left side speakers are playing. I looked at the balance on the receiver and ruled that out...
  10. H

    you tube videos no playing

    my you tube account changed. My YT the home page looks different. use to be able to click and play all videos i just installed google home. the first day all was well . now videos no longer play
  11. J

    ASUS ROG G751JL Windows 10 Home 64 bit stuck on load/startup

    How do I reset?
  12. A

    Solved! Newbie from Aus needs help re home automation....we are a bit slow down here -))))

    G'day everyone... Im just about to finish off my new house and have put a huge list together in my wants for home automation. I have read, watched videos, looked at a heap of poduct reviews to the point my head is about to explode...... I apologise if this has been asked previously...... Has...
  13. B

    replacing satellite TV and cutting the cord

    I live in the Houston, TX area. Can I replace my satellite dish with a outdoor digital antenna and service all of my home's TV with the one antenna? I have 4 directv receivers currently in my home.
  14. J

    Laptop frequently disconnecting from home wifi

    Hi, my laptop is frequently disconnecting from my home wifi. I have tried many suggestions from the internet but none are working for me. The thing is that all my other devices including my wife's laptop connect to my home wifi expect mine. Mine connects but get disconnected in a few minutes and...
  15. F

    Best home internet filtering and monitoring solution

    Hiya, I currently use a Sky Hub with the bog standard Sky Broadband Shield filtering that comes with it. I'd like a lot more control for the filtering though, and be able to view websites accessed by each connected device, as I have young teenage kids. I'm not particularly fussed between a...
  16. R

    Looking for design software with user created furniture images.

    I was looking at a home/office design software that utilized a large library of user created images, such as a medical exam table. Now I can't find or recall the name of the software.
  17. G

    Reolink Argus 2 Review: Budget Security Camera Gets the Job Done

    On a budget? The $130 Reolink Argus 2 delivers good-quality video, reliable monitoring and simple software. But you'll have to put up with some annoyances. Reolink Argus 2 Review: Budget Security Camera Gets the Job Done : Read more
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    how do I create mailbox icon on home screen

    mail box icon on home screen how do I get it?
  19. W

    Solved! 200 Kilo Panasonic Plasma Wall Mount

    Hi all, After years of owning my plasma I've finally decided to mount it on the wall. However, there's a slight problem; it's 200 kilograms (440 pounds). 320 kilos with the stand! How exactly would you mount it? Are there any reinforcements that should be added to the wall or something like...
  20. R

    Are PC's and home desktops in general becoming a geek-only tool?

    I ask this because I've just watched an ex-hacker say on a Youtube video that today's users are only using mobiles, especially Androids, not PC's anymore and that desktops in general are now used only by people who work with PC's such as programmers. Is this true? I feel like an outsider myself...
  21. A

    how to control screen/ mouse

    can not control screen it drops to the bottom of the page and hitting home will bring it back to the top, but if I try to use the mouse it drops back to the botttom.
  22. S

    How to connect h 96 pro plus to Yamaha htr 2064 home theatrefor Dolby audio

    Can I connect Android box through the av recever
  23. F

    I bought this RC tablet from a friend of mine and the battery was low so I can in turn it on at the time but when I got home a

    I bought this RC tablet from a friend of mine and the battery was low so I can in turn it on at the time but when I got home I read it was permanently locked.help
  24. T

    How to connect android box to 5.1 home theatre

    How to connect android box (Cubetek CB4KTX2) to 5.1 home theatre (Sony HT-IV300). Please suggest. i am able to connect it with blutooth but i want to connect it with digital port. Below are Product link : android box...
  25. A

    Can't access home screen

    I have a recently aquired LG Aristo 2, and it was working just fine up until around yesterday. I can't access my home screen. I have tried rebooting albeit only once or twice, and a factory reboot would have too laborious a recovery for me. Has anyone else run into this problem and had it...
  26. J

    Solved! My panasonic tc-l32c3 it was 2 weeks old n we came back from vacation n it didnt work is it fixable

    32 " panasonic tc-l32c3 was 2 weeks old n we came home n hasnt worked since
  27. N

    I lost my phone at home I can't find it cause it's off

    I misplaced my phone at home and it's off. How can I find it
  28. S

    I lost my phone when I get back to home all my personal number were in old phone I need it it's very urgent

    I lost my phone when I was coming back to home I didn't knew it lost or anybody caught all my contacts were in that am really very frustrated please help me
  29. 2

    Connect mp3 player to home stereo tuner to record fm station?

    Trying to connect mp3 player to home stereo tuner to record a local fm station. The fm station is not online and is not strong enough to be tuned into a mp3 radio setting. This station plays only music 24/7. I'd like to record it on a mp3 player and take the station recordings with me when I...
  30. T

    looking for laptop for work from home virtual call center

    What type or name brand laptop would I use for my virtual call center from home job
  31. A

    Solved! hi guy,i have a question, please help me!

    We're new to the smart home game but have outfitted most lights in my home with Lutron Caseta switches, Philips Hue bulbs, and iHome iSP6 plugs. We are primarily an Apple home but have and Echo and two Dots spread across the house because lets face it, Alexa > Siri. The one thing Apple has up...
  32. V

    Solved! The Tech guy installed a unlicensed version of Windows on my original Windows 10 home laptop but the problem was with the hard

    OEM PRODUCT key. How to reinstall original Windows 10 after unlicensed on old hard drive
  33. D

    Weirdly, Laptop Power Brick Overheats at Home but Not at Work

    Ok this is a weird one. I got a Gigabyte Aero 15w laptop recently and have been gaming on it (Final Fantasy XV to be specific). I noticed that while plugged in at work, the power brick gets slightly warm to the touch which I figure is normal for a laptop using a 1060 GPU. However, when at home...
  34. D

    Unable to add web pages/links to my home screen

    Suddenly I'm unable to add websites links to my home screen (which is important to me). I use Chrome browser and it says the link has been added to my home screen however they aren't there. I've been using Go launcher for years however lately there have been so many problems with it and...
  35. M

    My Samsung galaxy tab e is frozen on the home screen and I can't switch it of or restart it and it also does not have the noti

    Please help fix it it's completely froze won't budge
  36. X

    How to achieve 5.1 with 4 monitors

    Hey everyone, I have a home studio with rack mounts and sound mixers everywhere, as well as 4 monitors plugged into my 1070. I was just wondering how I could plug my PC into my Denon receiver to achieve 5.1 while still getting the 4 monitor surround. Thanks.
  37. R

    Lg stylo2 black screen repair

    My lg Stylo2 the screen is black and Won't turn on or off.whay can I do yo fix it at home
  38. J

    How to use Laptop as main PC and home PC as secondary /extended monitor

    Ok so I have a work laptop that I would like to use at home from time to time. My home PC is a 22" monitor PC combo (all in one unit, there is now tower). I would like to be able to use my laptop as the main PC and use my home PC as a secondary monitor when I am working from home. Is this...
  39. 0

    Possible to find a sun ''resistant'' Laptop ?

    My work allows me to work from home and in the next couple of month's, in the sun if my laptop can handle it. I wonder if there is any way to get a screen that is not as affected by the sun as regular ones? Perhaps also one that doesn't heat as hard from the sun, but I suppose that's mostly...
  40. M

    My honor 5c mobile lost 3days pls ime number

    honor 5c mobile missing my home near road phone switch off
  41. A

    Need a unlock code

    I just got home and a Samsung galaxy j3 I got in the mail it has a google lock I was wanting to know how to bypass the google lock
  42. G

    Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Review: Good Features for a Steep Price

    The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is a well-constructed, tamper-resistant, intelligent camera that's part of the Nest Home security ecosystem. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Review: Good Features for a Steep Price : Read more
  43. P

    Find my coolpad maga 2

    I had talked to my sister and I had keept in the home and after I could not find it and it is switched off please help
  44. C

    Home sound no sound heard

    Plugged android into home sound system no home theater system only android phone?
  45. D

    Problem Switching from Firefox to Chrome

    Win 7, 64bit Home Edition, Firefox 59.0.2 (64bit), Chrome 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit) I want to completely switch from Firefox to Chrome so I need to import ALL my Firefox data to Chrome including Browsing History, Favorites/Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, Search Engines and Autofill...
  46. K

    Lg X Charge wont connect/find my home wifi

    I have an lg X charge and all kind of wifi shows up but my home comcast wifi i dont know why it wont connect because it was connected previously, i came home from out of town and it wont pop up even when i search. My wife has a galaxy and is connected to it. Yes ive tried to manually input by...
  47. G

    6 Best Apple HomeKit Products to Start Your Smart Home

    You can control everything from lights and security cameras to thermostats using Siri and your iPhone. Here are the best products that work with Apple HomeKit. 6 Best Apple HomeKit Products to Start Your Smart Home : Read more
  48. R

    Moving Windows Home Server 2011 to a new domain

    Hi Guys, I have WHS 2011 on domain xxxx.homeserver.com. I would like to move it to a xxxxx.com which I already own but am not using. Could some kind soul explain how this should be done? Thanks in advance.
  49. D

    Why does my WiFi only connect to the home wifi

    Why does my Wi-Fi only connect to the home network
  50. C

    How to connect yamaha rv479 to non arc jvc

    I have a jvc lt-48n530a TV with no home arc can I connect a Yamaha TV479 with an arc adapter
  51. R

    My Lenovo Tablet is stuck on an infinite reboot cycle (URGENT)

    Over the weekend my Lenovo tablet was working perfectly, but today when I got home and turned it on it got stuck in an infinite reboot cycle. It turns on, asks for my password to go onto the home screen, then immediately starts to reboot. This is going on for a couple hours. I don’t know any of...
  52. alira.origin

    Please advice on a laptop for gamer

    Hello all. I am a gamer, i have top PC at home. But i need a laptop for work during any travels i may occur. But i need my laptop to be able to overpower the latest games at least on some medium graphics. To be able to play occasionally in my travels. But not something...
  53. reynoldswrap

    Can't find icon

    After installin n app on my Galaxy J7 fr Galaxy Apps there is no icon, anywhere, to access it? Not on my home screen, not n App drawer. Idk what to do to fix it, have never had this happen? Can anyone help plz?
  54. J

    frozen home amazon

    frozen amazon home screen on my vizio smart tv
  55. A

    No landline or broadband

    How can I watch tv for next 3 weeks whilst they arrange my home move
  56. B

    Solved! How to run cat 6 for HDMI

    I am Remodellings my home I want to do away with all coax cable and run 2-3 cat6 cables to each bed rooms (witch is 4) and To our family room and office... I'm going to but ubiquiti products for my network I'm want to buy a nas for My business and my home and hook that into it but rite now...
  57. L

    How do i reset a intel Pentium N3540 processor

    I can't click on my search bar or nothing on my home screen on my laptop