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    Solved! How do I Bluetooth from my Android phone to my Samsung home receiver?

    I want to play my music on my Android phone through my Samsung home receiver
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    Solved! Hi there i have 5.1 home theathre speakers and im wondering if i could add one more subwoofer to the pc,is it possible?

    Hi there i have 5.1 home theathre speakers and im wondering if i could add one more subwoofer to the pc,is it possible ? And if it is how do i do it?
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    How to Do a Complete App Uninstall on MacBook

    Sometimes you find you no longer need an app on your MacBook. You can remove this app by uninstalling it. A simple restart after uninstalling will get rid of the files associated with the app. Uninstalling an app in macOS is not difficult. Just follow these simple steps. 1. Open ‘Finder’ Click...
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    How to Change Clock Settings on Your Roku Device

    The clock on the Roku home menu is quite useful. It shows time in accordance to the time zone you initially set your device up for. However, some clock settings can be changed, such as the Time Zone and the clock format displayed on your home screen. Follow these simple steps to learn how. 1.)...
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    Samsung tablet won't turn on

    My Samsung tablet won't turn on I have tried everything holding down the home, locked and volume buttons and it only flashed at me please help me
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    I have Vediocon TVs 1 hdmi female port. I have sony Home theator comes with HDMI male part , and I also vediocons STB. How ca

    1 HDMI to making mutliple HDMIs
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    i've a philips dvd home thereatre with aux L/R in and 5.1 out, if i connect it through a digital decoder of 5.1 to L/R out wil

    i've a philips dvd home thereatre with aux L/R in and 5.1 out, if i connect it through a digital decoder of 5.1 to L/R out will it remain same?
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    get my camera icon back on my home screan

    Trying to put my android default camera icon back on my home screen.
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    I factory reset my tablet erased everything now when i turn it on i only get the polaroid logo and it stays on the internetabl

    I factory reset my tablet erased everything now it stays on logo wont go to home page
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    Accessing my TVs HiFi system from my PC through the home network

    Hey y'all I need some help setting up a home network. I have a windows PC connected to LAN/internet via a UTP cable. I'm interested in buying a smart TV, which I'm only planning to use to stream video and audio to from my windows PC. Most importantly, I plan on adding HiFi speakers to this...
  11. M

    Is there a Conflict between MS Home/Business 2010 and Office Pro Plus 2010

    I have MS Office Pro 2010 Plus and MS Home and Business 2010 installed but Office Pro is NOT ACTIVATED and want to know if having both of them are, or could cause conflict with Outlook 2010 causing it to (not responding) displayed when opening folders? If it isn’t activated, then by default...
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    if my mobile is power off how should i find my mobile in my home

    my mobile moto Motorola g5 is in power off mode how could i find my mobile in my house then?
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    First steps to building my Smart Home

    I've been wanting transform my place into a smart home, but I'm not too sure where to start. I've contacted some experts to help me with the installing but my friends think it's excessive (expensive) and I should just get a smart home hub and do it step by step on my own. Does anyone has...
  14. N

    I can't find my phone inside house but it's inside. It's dead and locations are off. How to find it

    Wanna find my mob...lost in my home. It's dead and location r off. How to find it
  15. T

    MP3 player recommendations needed

    I am looking for an MP3 player both for use at home to listen to FLAC music files and with a long battery life for long or overseas trips. I also want the player to provide at least high quality audio, have an EQ for audio settings like Rock, Classical, New Age, and Pop (environmental settings...
  16. N

    Laptop beeps on turning on until it shuts down by itself

    My laptop beeps after turning it on and it continues, when windows was finally loaded and im on the home screen, the laptop would shut down all of a sudden. (Turns on, after 2-5 seconds, the laptop beeps until it goes to sudden black screen/off)
  17. J

    Solved! I have a calendar installed in my android phone but don’t know how to get an icon for it in the home screen it comes up in s

    I have a calendar installed automatically on my android phone but I don’t know how to get it in app form for my home screen
  18. J

    Extra sound bar on at home

    Hi I have bought a Samsung Smart UHDTV 7 series Nu 7100 and connected it to my Sony Home theatre system with HDMI. Together with the TV I got a Samsung Soundbar system 3 series HW-M360 I wanted to use the Soundbar at my outside entertainment area but don't know how to link the system with...
  19. F

    What can vive do with oculus

    I have some friends that have oculus rifts but im getting a vive what can i do with them and can i join ther oculus home or something like that.
  20. mcan226

    Planning on buying home set of recording cameras. Need Help and advices.

    Hi, everyone. I need to install some recording cameras for my house. I have my eye on this set. My main doubt is about the storage. Some reviews say that it does include an internal 1 tb HD. Others say that it doesn't. In case of the latter, how can I storage the recordings? Do I plug an...
  21. R

    My zte max problems

    My zte max with boost mobile wont pass logo screen and restarts but light on home button works
  22. R

    Moving Roku stick to my motorhome

    If I have a Roku account at my home can I use the same account on a smart TV in my motorhome with Directv service?
  23. H

    In home surround sound? Ceiling speakers

    Hi all! Just moved into a new to me house has speakers in the ceiling throughout the main living areas, volume control knobs in those rooms & one cord - that looks like a cord for a tv - round w a stem in the center. anyone have a clue how or what I need to connect to play music? TIA!!!
  24. C

    It won't let me get to the home screen

    It's on still on netbook powered by Android
  25. N

    Dell XPS 13 9370 wifi dropping only on home wifi

    Hello, I have a relatively new (2 month old) xps 13 9370 and it has been having an issue with the wifi at home where it will randomly lose connection and then reconnect itself after about 10 seconds. It only happens on this machine and only happens on my home wifi. I have roommates with other...
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    When I powered up my laptop there's a blank screen & when I touch the pad, home screen shows for a second then the screen goes

    Laptop isn't working properly. I turned it on, blank screen. I touch the pad & the home screen, Windows 10, comes up then disappears. If I hold my finger on the pad, the login comes up, then disappears. Once it started to slow & play a video, then stopped & went blank. Please what's happening...
  27. W

    One vertical line in center of my LG plasma tv. What would cause this and how can it be fix (at home preferably, if not cost a

    I have LG Plasma TV. It has a vertical line in the center of the screen. What would cause this and Can this be fixed at home? If not how much would it cost? And where could one get it fixed? Thank-You for your time, Sincerely, Autumn
  28. K

    Software to automatically collect SIP ladder diagrams

    I want some free software that will automatically generate and store latter diagrams and call information for SIP calls on my home/lab network? Any recommendations?
  29. D

    Multiroom audio, My Room has no Bass

    I have speakers from different rooms connected to an av splitter (which is connected to an av reciever). My room is the only room where the speakers have no bass. I need help on finding out why because it they where working fine a 2 days ago. Maybe it has something to do with the subwoofer.
  30. M

    i am trying to connect my model t95d tv boxto my lg home theather model bh740a

    when i attempt the hookup the message i get is no signal. my old tv box was no problem
  31. R

    How to Find Hidden Menus on Your Roku Device

    The Roku device has a secret menu you may not know about. You can access it by using your remote and it has many functions, including factory resetting your device. The steps below will guide you through how to find the hidden menus on your Roku device. 1. Press the Home key 5 times Pressing...
  32. M

    Need Help Home Theater

    Hello and thanks for reading. I have been out of the home audio game for a long time. Is Polk still any good out of curiosity? If you have links to good reading material I'd love to take a look. I currently use the smart hub on my tv (which I'll replace soon) but I'm fine with using a pc...
  33. S

    Home/ Recant Apps button is not working

    Infinix Hot S3 mobile having some problems as follows:- The Status/ Notification tab is not pull down. Home tab and recant apps tab button is not working. I think my mobile is locked. So pls give me a valid solution to rectify these problems.
  34. I

    Won't stay connected to home internet

    I turn on my tablet and tell mins later it disconnects it's self
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    Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016 Cannot turn on

    I came back home to find that it couldn't be turned on. I then attached the cable to charge it for a few hours - still nothing. Did the Home + Power + Vol Down combo, still to no avail. Tried all others such as Power + Vol Up for more than 30 secs. Nothing. Any ideas? Not keen to open up the...
  36. phi303

    Subwoofer: nothing plugged in, has this permanent humming

    So I came home to my sub making this humming noise. I unplugged everything and the sub continues to hum. It does get a little louder as I adjust the knob but only after a certain threshold. Not entirely sure what's going on here, quite possibly there was a surge when I was at home (that's what...
  37. R

    Need help fixing hwawai 6 pro stuck in fast boot mode

    My phone got water split on ot so i open it and wipe it then when i activate it the screen were turned in home boot screen mode and the arrow kept moving between recovery and fastboot and normal i can't choose
  38. T

    How do I recover my missing inbox icon

    since monday 20th august 2018 my inbox icon has disappeared would appreciate some advice as to recover the icon on my home screen Terence Williams.
  39. N

    Screen goes blank

    When I turn phone on enter my pin code code screen goes blank, but the back button back to home button etc still show but screen stays blank
  40. A

    Home Sound System

    I have a wired sound system in my house, there are four speakers in the living room, and two out on the back porch, the main controls are in a bedroom closet that is far away from the living room TV, I was wondering if there was a product that I can plug into or adapt to the main controls and...
  41. C

    Why can't I upload a picture here?

    I was going to post something but I can't upload a picture here.
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    Stereo subwoofer mystery.

    I have a sony 10in subwoffer. I leVe my girlfriend home one day and my sub isnt working anymore. No settings were changed on my stereo. Ive checked and its all set for a subwoffer. No idea why it stopped working, no noise. Still on. Not even a thump when the power kicks on. Tried even replacing...
  43. R

    Why my home subwoofer isn't got much power

    Hello, I have a nice home system speakers and recently I bought for it a subwoofer to increase the bass. But as I see it looks like it is not got enough power. I have 5 speakers with a yahama htr 3063 reciver and a subwoofer which connected to a lepy amplifier which connected to the reciver...
  44. W

    Problem with home wifi

    My laptop able to connect to my phone hotspot but not for my home wifi.
  45. D

    Hooking Up an Old Panasonic DVD Home Sound System to Direct TV Box and Sony Smart TV.

    I have a panasonic dvd home sound system (SC-HT640W) with no optic sound or hdmi outputs. I am trying to connect this with my direct tv box (hr54-200) and sony smart tv (XBR55X900E). I'm not sure the flow required and what cords are needed to setup the surround sound for both my dvd's and cable.
  46. D

    Is amp necessary if home system puts out 1000 watts at 3 ohms?

    My home system is 3 ohms at 1000watts, do I need to get a amplifier to hook up my subs, I am going to wire them down to 4 ohms. thank you for your time and help with my project.
  47. A

    My new tablet is not finding my home wifi

    I just recently bought a au qua tab. Without finding my own wifi it is finding the other networks around me. My wifi is not getting visiable.
  48. J

    hard reset is not opening

    power volume up and home button together but still its not going to factory mode
  49. M

    I get authentication error on my cell phone at home that I share with others. What do I do?

    I use a wifi network at home but now I am getting authentication error everytime I try to connect. I don't have this problem with any other networks in the city. Help! How do I fix it?
  50. D

    I forgot my Google account and home screen does not respond

    I forgot my Google account and my home is not respond
  51. B

    Whole home audio 1 zone multiple speakers

    Just moved into a home that has multiple rooms with ceiling speakers. All speaker wires converge in basement in a bank/stripe with left & right separated (9 pair). 2 larger gauge wires with +/- go to the entertainment center in basement and labeled AMP on bank. Nothing left from previous owners...
  52. L

    IMG SRC="../DCIM/100NIKON/DSCN0294.JPG" How Can I open these?

    When ariving home from my vacation I tried to retreive my photos from my Memory Card. No photos appeared. I got a list of files like this one. How can I convert these to photos or what do I do? Thanks, Lynn ------ [Moderator Edit: removed personally identifiable information.]
  53. S

    Solved! mini microphone pre amp

    pl advise if I can coonect the out of the mini mic preamp to speaker system/home thatre
  54. E

    asking for help for TABLET ACER B3-A40. I can't scan my own home WIFI

    my tablet can't scan my home wifi but it scan some other wifi .. pls help, I'm using Acer
  55. K

    Building a home studio NEED ANSWER

    I started making music with my friend a while ago and we are just messing about on my 3-year-old laptop. Now i want to get more serious and decided to set up a home studio. After some time, this is the list of equipment I plan to purchase. Headphone:Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones...
  56. B

    I eas whatching my hisence tv went out now cant get it to turn on

    Came home from town tv dont come on i was whatching befor i left
  57. D

    Preamp buzzing sound

    Hey guys, Few months ago I started experiencing some problem with my preamp on home sound system. I have Gemini PS-626 Pro preamp with some 5.1 speakers, so it's connected from PC to preamp, and output to 5.1 Before, everything worked fine, inside same house, even same wall socket. So while...
  58. B

    Solved! Only Jaws movie (digital and dvd) not playing sound through home projector

    I have a home projector we use for outside movies. We downloaded the movie Jaws and were able to use our fire stick to play the movie except there was no sound. We tested with other movies etc and no problems. So we then bought the dvd from the store thinking it was a problem with the digital...
  59. R

    Tablets can't connect to home network

    I'm not very technologically proficient so please bear with me. My mother's samsung Galaxy nook and my aunt's kindle fire both won't connect to the home Wi-Fi. The laptops, desktop, and phones all connect just fine, and they have the right password. The tablets can see the network just fine, but...