Is there a Conflict between MS Home/Business 2010 and Office Pro Plus 2010


Jul 6, 2009
I have MS Office Pro 2010 Plus and MS Home and Business 2010 installed but Office Pro is NOT ACTIVATED and want to know if having both of them are, or could cause conflict with Outlook 2010 causing it to (not responding) displayed when opening folders?
If it isn’t activated, then by default, the pc is automatically going to the Home and Business program that is activated, so If I removed Office Pro 2010 Plus would the Home/Business operate properly and possibly clear up my problem??? Any suggestions and don’t say reinstall Home/Business because that’s what came with the pc and I don’t have a disk for that.
Whenever I open Word or other program and go to help, it indicates that MS Home and Business 2010 is installed and Activated but below it, it shows that Office Pro is not activated so that's the reason behind the question of conflict between the two. Again, I don't have any disc to use to reinstall which would probably help clear my problem. I've been looking but with little success to buy Outlook 2010 used or new if at a "reasonable price". Thanks for any help.
Well, as far as I know, it shouldn't cause a conflict with Outlook. I have never run into one. Unless there is something else on the computer causing the issue.

You could always try a different email program. Mozilla has a good one.