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  1. ogajo

    Solved! (Mission impossible) Office/Gaming Laptop

    Hello everyone! I was given the almost impossible task of finding a laptop suitable for both my sister and her boyfriend. Here are the conditions: -It can't be a "Lenovo" (yeaa, i know.) -It should run the game "Assetto Corsa 2020" (a GTX 970 or a Radeon 290x could be enough) -Gaming design...
  2. M

    Question Sync google classroom with microsoft

    Hello! I have a question that has been bothering me for a while now and I can't seem to get the answer to it. My school is partnered up with Google and Google provided us with their GSuite (which I absolutely hate) along with some Chromebooks (The cheap ones where you can't open more than 10...
  3. A

    How can I track my spark k7 techno that was stolen

    My phone was stolen right in my office at date 31th decemba 2018 about 4pm and ever since then all efforts made has being proven abortive. Please I need help on how I can track it. Thanks
  4. P

    Solved! PC died, moved HDD to identical model

    My Win7 pc died so I bought an identical make and model and moved the HDD from the old to the new. MS Office 2010 wants some kind of activation. It came installed on the old computer from the vendor. Obviously, I can't deactivate it, nor do I have the product code. Any ideas?
  5. K

    How to play games on work/office wifi

    Hi there everyone, i woukd like to know how can i play online games on my work/office wifi i'm able to use rest all of the app's like google chorme,FB,INSTAGRAM,WHATSPP,& ETC but only app's i cannot open is ONLINE MOBILE GAMING any online mobile games i open it say check ur internet connection...
  6. D

    Text readme file looks broken.

    I have downloaded Office 2016 but the readme file is unreadable. I looks like broken or something. The text in the file looks like this: Is there any way to fix the text files? Maybe its related to some Russian encoding or something I don't understand.
  7. S

    Best laptop for under 300$

    My girlfriend needs a laptop for work, surfing the internet, downloading pdf's and microsoft office for under 300$ CA. She is not tech savyy but wants Windows 10, and a laptop around 11".
  8. S

    Solved! My Hp not installing office 2016 and my windows defender not able to be turned off.

    Good day, I'm using Hp amd quadcore, I have been trying to install office 2016 but it's not working. It tells me "operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software." I tried to turn off windows defender and I discovered there is no option...
  9. A

    I need help replacing an amp in my office

    Over the past 5 years I have had to replace my speakers amplifier twice. The currently, the last amp only lasted 1 year. How my office was set up is as follows: 10 speakers hard wired travel to a 1000W amp. This amp is situated in my back electrical closet. From this amp, it is hard wired to...
  10. R

    How to Run Microsoft Office Natively on the MacBook Pro

    Microsoft Office is probably the foundation of almost everyone’s journey into using a computer for their work-related purposes. Be it MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, the Windows MS Office pack is something one cannot live without. There are two ways to use Microsoft Office on a MacBook. One is...
  11. F

    MS Office 2013 bootstrap error after reviewing forum posts no solution

    Microsoft Bootstrap Error again... I have read a great many forum posts on how to fix the Bootstrap Error for installing MS Office 2013 Pro Plus. I have ran the microsoft fixit tool for Office, uninstalled Office 2000 from the Add/Remove programs list. Ran Task Scheduler and removed Office from...
  12. A

    Solved! Can I remove Office 365

    Will deleting Office 365 delete my Office? If I open Word or any other app, and click Account, it shows Office 2019, not 365.
  13. J

    Solved! Office stolen key

    So here is what happend: My laptop was stolen 2 days ago. On it i had office 2016 pro plus. Now i need to buy a new one and i wanted to reuse the same key. I spoke to microsoft support and the lady a spoke to telled me that the key could not be reused because it is allready used (on the stolen...
  14. T

    Solved! Webcams and apps

    I am trying to decide which webcams to purchase for my office. We have employees in 4 different locations and we need to be able to communicate using a webcam. Can you offer any suggestions on which to buy? Also I know there are phone apps. like Face Time to connect users, is there one that...
  15. Z

    Solved! How can I reinstall the office version from my laptop after I reseted it?

    I reset Microsoft Office on my laptop and now I don't have word. How can I have it back?
  16. M

    Solved! Different versions of Office 365 apps being installed ?

    I get a free Microsoft Office 365 subscription through my college. When I download and installed Office on both my desktop and my laptop, it looks like two different versions of Office 365 apps are installed on each computer ? What I mean is on my desktop it also installed OneNote 2016 and...
  17. S

    Everyone has internet but me

    I'm working in an office where several computers are connected via lan, and we can also connect to wifi with our phones. Before I went out for lunch today everything was working fine, but when I came back the computer in my office has no internet connection and my phone won't connect to wifi...
  18. M

    my computer ent to me massgage activation office

    my computer cant open micrsof office need activation
  19. M

    Is there a Conflict between MS Home/Business 2010 and Office Pro Plus 2010

    I have MS Office Pro 2010 Plus and MS Home and Business 2010 installed but Office Pro is NOT ACTIVATED and want to know if having both of them are, or could cause conflict with Outlook 2010 causing it to (not responding) displayed when opening folders? If it isn’t activated, then by default...
  20. R

    Solved! Is 128 gb enough for macbook pro for Cs student

    Hey guys i am a first year Cs student and m planning to buy the base model of 2017 macbook pro. My question is 128 gb enough. I'll just store ms office, Abe few ide and ms onedrive. Thanks in advance
  21. M

    Microsoft account suspended

    Hi everyone, Today, I got an ssd and put windows on it. Everything is going well except I want to put office 2016 on the ssd instead of reading it off my hard drive. When I try to sign into my microsoft account, this is what happens...
  22. B

    Microsoft Office 2010

    I purchased Office 2010 in 2014, installed and used with key provided by supplier, SoftwareAU who claims to deal in genuine products. Okay, now in 2018, Windows 10 had to be reinstalled due to a partitioning problem. Somehow that prompted Microsoft Office 2010 to ask for activation all over...
  23. L

    Using Office 2007 (which is no longer supported)

    I know there are new versions of Office but my laptop just died and I had to get a new one. I tried to install my Office 2007. I have the disk and the key but when I try to download I get an error message saying "support for the product you are trying to download has ended. Please refer back to...
  24. M

    looking for deleting call records

    how can delete my old sim call records from airtel office i need a help plz help how can get out of it
  25. M

    Can Office Migrate to New Computer?

    When I log in with my Microsoft Account on it shows that I have two Microsoft Office products in my account. Both are called Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 and both also show the product keys and have download button for the installer. One is installed on my desktop and the...
  26. K

    Downloading Microsoft Office 365 Issues

    My Microsoft Office 365 is not downloading due drivers needing updated. Was told that my wifi network was contaminated and needed to be made secure. Then told it was $300 for one year. Doesn't sound legit.
  27. S

    Solved! Lenovo ThinkPad E585 vs IdeaPad 530S

    OK, need help deciding. Which would be the best for my office needs - general productivity type activities (Outlook, Publisher, Excel, etc), photo/video editing. I have listed the config details of the 2 laptops - I have the ability to change the specs on the ThinkPad ex. the memory from 4GB...
  28. R

    I lost my lenevo mobile how to find my mobile

    Hi , I lost my mobile while coming from office and someone comefrom back and snatch my mobile and run away. Know don't know wat to do plz give some advice...
  29. A

    Good quality laptop

    I want a laptop for office and personal use with minimum i5 good screen quality ..please suggest me
  30. Graybush

    i9 Cores in Laptops, think it's worth it?

    This questions actually came up at the Tom's Guide office! Henry Casey, one of our writers, recently reviewed a Macbook Pro 15 (2018 model) that contains a Intel Core i9-8950HK CPU and 32GB of RAM. Their benchmarks tests show that this laptop was a good outlier in terms of performance compared...
  31. M

    I want to install "Al Qur'an" in open office writer. I have the link from, they

    How to install Al Qur'an on open office writer? I cannot find extension manager menu bar
  32. L

    My computer crashed and I need to open EXCEL on a different computer that doesn't have Microsoft Office on it. Is there a prog

    While my computer is getting repaired, I need to access Microsoft Office files that I've saved on a flashdrive. Is there an online program that can read these? I don't want to pay for a one-time-use of Microsoft Office on this borrowed machine.
  33. J

    Which laptop should i buy if i have 840 USD ?

    Hello ! i have some money about 840 USD for buying a laptop, ultrabook, or etc. i need the laptop just for office, daily, multimedia, and a little gaming experience. which laptop should i buy ? Thanks
  34. R

    Looking for design software with user created furniture images.

    I was looking at a home/office design software that utilized a large library of user created images, such as a medical exam table. Now I can't find or recall the name of the software.
  35. A

    Solved! how i reinstall my ms office

    I have windows 7 recently upgraded to windows 10 but it was not working well, so tried to downgrade my windows to 7, but by mistake i have reset my pc and after that my ms office is missing
  36. F

    CMD prompt showing up randomly; Don't have Office on computer nor tasks related to it.

    Random CMD prompt window (maybe??) constantly popping up at random times, keeps alt tabbing me out of things that I'm doing. I DO NOT have Microsoft Office, and none of the previous ""fixes"" for this issue apply to my computer as these processes/tasks just simple do not exist on my computer...
  37. S

    Laptop for Office?

    I am the communications manager and I also manage a volunteer program that requires the use of a laptop for the organization I work for. We are a small non-profit and I inherited a Lenovo B590 when I came on in the fall. I have no idea how old this laptop is, but I'm guessing it's a dinsosaur by...
  38. G

    Brother MFC-L2750DW XL Review

    The Brother MFC-L2750DW is a quick small-office all-in-one that delivers a low cost per page, plenty of features and lots of speed. Brother MFC-L2750DW XL Review : Read more
  39. M

    Old Thinkpad T440/X240 vs New Ideapad 120s

    Im considering to buy second hand T400/X240 vs New Ideapad 120s Bot have equal price Mainly for office use, not gaming ms office, web surf, thunderbird, also for coding netbean IDE and html i like multitasking, but hate a lot of heat The old thinkpad use i5 4300U, the new ideapad use...
  40. M

    My Windows 8 Office is missing

    Something happened to my toshiba laptop that has Windows 8.1, and I had to refresh it. Now I am missing my microsoft office files! I really need it asap for school too. I did look in the C drive for program files and there are two different ms office files. One has x86 next to the word...
  41. F

    Solved! my asus zenfone 4 (on Nougat) could not find some unbroacast wifi network (it does find some other unbroadcast networks)

    In our office we have 2 unbroadcast networks and my Asus Zenfone 4 could not find one unbroadcast network, but it does find the other one. Both networks working from the same router and access point. Any body has any idea how to solve this?
  42. T

    Mid price reliable office daily use laptop

    I have recently become an entrepreneur. I need to buy a laptop for regular office use which chiefly involves extensive browsing on the internet (multiple tabs in chrome) alongwith pdf (acrobat reader), ms word and ms excel. I also sometimes use powerpoint alongwith chrome, adobe acrobat and...
  43. R

    my asus laptop keyboard is not working only in wifi password option autherways its working in ms office notpad also

    keybord problem my asus laptop keyboard is not working only in wifi password option autherways its working in ms office notpad also
  44. vanzelm1

    lost my MS Office programs, but need to recover them

    I couldn't start my desktop PC for ove a year. Utimately I got in(by ''jiggery pokery & reset), but need now to recover them all my documents still remain. I'd love to be able to open them in 'MS Office programs on this machine. I have a 'Home Group Network' on another laptop machine on which...
  45. S

    I reser my pc Windows 10 and Microsoft office is gone, how s

    I reset my pc Windows 10 and Microsoft office is gone, how do i get Microsoft office
  46. C

    Need Laptop with graphics capabilities and standard microsoft office features. Do not need "gaming" capabilities.

    Low budget Laptop that can handle normal Microsoft Office stuff and Graphics.
  47. A

    Productivity and light gaming laptops

    I am a MS Office user for my day's work at the office and then check mails and watch YT in my free time. But my son uses it for light gaming such as Overwatch and Dota 2 I think, so he needs a discrete GPU such as a MX150. I'm thinking of the ACER Aspire E15 and Aspire 5 or the ASUS Vivobook or...
  48. U

    Is 2nd Gen i5 still good?

    Hey guys. I'm about to buy my first laptop and I need some suggestions.My work will be mostly microsoft office(excel,word) and watching movies.No gaming or programming. Is 2nd Gen i5 good for me or should I look for at least 3rd gen? Thanks.
  49. T

    Was using my copy of Office 2000 successfully on Win10 for years now, suddenly it will not even open the Office programs I use

    Have been using the programs for years, yes, I take forever to upgrade when I am comfortable, because am an old fart and HATE change when it comes to my software. Had specific paid for add-ins installed that worked perfectly, within Word especially. Now, in recent few weeks, it will not even...
  50. J

    Office 365 and Office 2016 Professional

    I am working in a non profit organisation Microsoft have offered us Office 365 Nonprofit Business Essentials, Which is free of cost upto 300 users Office 365 for non profit have only online office application. We have license for Office 2016 Professional. My question is can we integrate Office...
  51. P

    Disable WPS Office updates for all users permanently

    After tons of testing and finally found a reliable WPS office update block solution for new versions. Tested for v. and v. Applications working without a issue. But still ads pop-up for first time opening. If you use templates from WPS, this solution may not suitable for...
  52. T

    Router modem issues

    Ok so i work from home the modem is in my office. It has the port in the back which we are running one i to ur bedroom one into the living room so we can stream in oue blu rays.. My problem is i hate the way it looks. Is there something i can use so that i sont have to run the wires.??
  53. L

    Actication ID Microsoft Office

    Need an activation code for my microsoft officer. According to Microsoft there are no support for this anymore. Onluly 2 days of offfice programs
  54. T

    Installing Microsoft Office Problem

    I recently installed word in pc.. I have windows 10 greek language and i install word and cant copy paste.. but when i turn windows 10 language in english i can copy paste in word.. any ideas how to fix this?
  55. R

    how to save before printing in office word?

    how do i make it necessary to manual save a word file before printing? Ex. I create a word i have to manually save it before printing it and if i make any changes then i have to save it manually again before printing.
  56. D

    I picked up a viurs a week ago and have been working to get everything back. I have gained most of my functionality back, sti

    I am trying to remove the rest of the virus on Windows 7 64 bit Professional to give me back Trend Office Scan and Malwarebytes. I picked up a virus a week ago and have gained most functionality back but still need to get these functioning. I also don't have system restore back either. Please...
  57. K

    How to transfer mi microsoft office through pen drive

    I'm using a dell inspirion and I want to ask if I can transfer microsoft office from one computer to another through pen drive
  58. S

    Need help to find the find the best budget laptop for my parents

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a new laptop for my parents because their old laptop is working very slowly and laggy and it would be a nice birthday present. They would only use the laptop for everyday tasks like net surfing, watching movies, using Microsoft Office so just simple things. 1...