MS Office 2013 bootstrap error after reviewing forum posts no solution


Jan 13, 2016
Microsoft Bootstrap Error again... I have read a great many forum posts on how to fix the Bootstrap Error for installing MS Office 2013 Pro Plus. I have ran the microsoft fixit tool for Office, uninstalled Office 2000 from the Add/Remove programs list. Ran Task Scheduler and removed Office from that. Stopped Print Spooler. Created a New Administrator. Tried install in clean boot mode each time. Uninstalled Norton Antivirus. Completed all available windows updates. Opened Regedit and removed AppCompatFlags. I still am getting the Bootstrap Error at the end of the install. It makes it to Finalizing then crashes. Any ideas or anything i've missed??

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit

Edit: the computer has a server on it that i cant replace so i am unable to do a clean install. The download came from my aunts employer. She does transcription for the hospital and its the same download the other employees use. I redownloaded in case something got corrupted. That didnt do it either.

She originally had 2000 on it. I tried to uninstall from add remove programs and it started looping and would not complete uninstall. I did the fixit tool and some manual removal to stop the looping. Ill try to post the log files tonight. I did msiexec logs and it appears to be an error where (name of dll might be wrong going off memory atm) common files/microsoft shared/help/hxds.dll could not be found for the proplusww.msi . I tried to find that file on the pc but that file and the help folder do not exit. Ill copy the section of log where the error occured tonight if able.