Question A weird dialogue box without anything written on it except an ok button appeared on my desktop after restarting my laptop

Mar 25, 2020
Hi. So I recently bought this laptop. It's the ASUS TUF fx505dy. I badly needed microsoft office in this computer so I downloaded online. After installing and activating the ms office 365 pro plus, nothing much happened. I check for viruses and there were none. After some time, I restarted the laptop, and when I logged back in, a mysterious dialogue box appeared on the screen. It doesn't have any text, only a button with an "ok" on it. When i opened task view, the program doesn't have any name and when I try to close it, it wouldn't close. I scanned my laptop for viruses and McAfee didn't detect any. Together with that, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business was installed on my laptop. I uninstalled the Microsoft Teams then later on it was installed. I opened Task Manager and disabled a program named only "Program" because I thought that was it. Then, I restarted my laptop once again. At first everything went back to normal. Later on that dialogue box was there once again. I clicked "ok" just to see if anything would happen, and the things disappeared,