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  1. aymen9309

    Question i need help in a simple pascal program

    Program Bulletin ; Uses Wincrt ; Var moy : integer ; Begin Write ('marks : ') ; Readln (moy) ; if 18 <moy then writeln ('Excellent') else if 16 < moy < 18 then writeln ('very good'); else if 14 < moy < 16 then writeln ('good'); else if 12 < moy < 14 then writeln ('above average') else if 0 <...
  2. M

    Question A weird dialogue box without anything written on it except an ok button appeared on my desktop after restarting my laptop

    Hi. So I recently bought this laptop. It's the ASUS TUF fx505dy. I badly needed microsoft office in this computer so I downloaded online. After installing and activating the ms office 365 pro plus, nothing much happened. I check for viruses and there were none. After some time, I restarted the...
  3. D

    Question Desktop in task manager??????

    Ive had my PC for like 5 years now and under startup it has never shows DESKTOP.I disabled it but it is under C:\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup soIdk i would normally brush by it and not think twice but its never been there before.I just worry that its a virus...
  4. A

    Any software to monitor any new files created?

    Does anybody know a program that tracks any new files that are created, modified, or deleted?
  5. A

    Should I Uninstall Dell Support Assist?

    I recently noticed that I have a "Dell Support Assist" app installed on my machine. My machine was originally a Dell XPS 8700 then I moved the parts to a new case with a new PSU and upgraded the graphics card. Since technically my computer is no longer a Dell, should I uninstall the program...
  6. J

    Looking for an all around laptop

    This will be my first laptop and I I'm looking for something that I can experiment with. I need to be able to photoshop, program, research, and play the most tech demanding games. I want a 15 inch laptop with windows with at least 12gb of ram and 2gb of graphics anything higher than that as...
  7. UItmaWepn

    How to make old or older programs work on newer versions of Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 8.1 and up.

    When I first discovered that I could do this about a decade and a half ago, not very many people knew about it. Now, there are quite a bit of people that know how but just in case your in the category of people that do not then I will teach you about this. I am referring to Compatibility Mode...
  8. BlueFireZ

    Trusteer Endpoint Protection?

    So i was uninstalling some programs on my laptop when I came across a program called Trusteer Endpoint Protection. I searched it up and found out its some sort of antivirus, I already have antivirus im paying for, is this Trusteer Protection needed?
  9. A

    Make Dxtory open when I open TF2

    Hello All, So almost every time I play TF2 I'm recording. And I would like my recording program, Dxtory to open when I open TF2. Is there a script or program that could do this? Thanks!
  10. X

    Odd Render Lag

    I am trying to render a ten second avi video at 1080p 29.97 fps using Adobe After Effects. The video is way too laggy and the audio cuts in and out. Specs: AMD FX-4300 x4 - 3.8 GHz EVGA GeForce GTX 760 2GB GDDR5 1 TB HDD 120 GB SSD (Boot) Corsair Vengeance 16 GB RAM