Was using my copy of Office 2000 successfully on Win10 for years now, suddenly it will not even open the Office programs I use

Feb 27, 2018
Have been using the programs for years, yes, I take forever to upgrade when I am comfortable, because am an old fart and HATE change when it comes to my software. Had specific paid for add-ins installed that worked perfectly, within Word especially. Now, in recent few weeks, it will not even allow me to open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, which is a big deal for me.

I can understand they want me to shell out more money, companies always do. But not all of us can afford to upgrade exactly when they want us to. Any way around this? Do I have to search out the original dang box of software, from some storage box, somewhere in my house and reinstall? Will that even work, or did they flip a switch and just say "screw you" to all owners of 2000?

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