Yamaha hs5 is it worth it?


Nov 3, 2017
I have heard the Yamaha hs5 at my friends studio, i really liked them but they felt a little harsh in the highs. this review confirms my concerns https://catzaudio.com/yamaha-hs5-review/
Anyone knows if they really are that harsh and if you get used to it? Should i get the KRK rokkit 5 instead?

thanks in advance :)
Most monitor speakers have more highs than a high end audiophile speaker. That makes the speaker easier to mix on but often more fatiguing to listen to over time.
A soft dome tweeter like the KRK use is probably more forgiving than the Yamaha tweeters.
Both may be bright but you can turn the treble down. You can't get rid of the harshness if it's there.
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