Mixing Headphones Recommendations under $100

Mar 16, 2018
Hey everyone,

tl;dr : I need mixing headphones ( not recording headphones ) for music production STRICTLY under $100


I’m a newcomer to the audio production industry. I am a student. I’m on a SERIOUSLY tight budget. So I need a mixing headphone ( and not the recording types as I'll not be recording any instrument ). My budget is around $100.

I know that I should be looking for a "flat" sounding headphones. But I don't really know what I should buy. I have heard a couple of people recommending open-back headphones but I've found one yet.

My current picks are (in no particular order)
1. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO
2. Sony MDR 7506
3. Audio Technica ATH M40X
4. Philips SHP9500

The first 3 have great reviews but are closed back... So I don't really know what difference would it make compared to an open back one.

For the 4 selection... I found it on this website : https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/philips/shp9500-hifi-precision-stereo
^^^ They seemed very professional in their reviews... So IDK. Also, its open back so again IDK because I've never seen anyone recommend the 4th headphone.

Also guys/gurls, please give me some suggestions.



if you have amazon prime, the Sony MDR 7506 is currently on sale for $80 which makes it the best deal in both build and sound quality out of the closed-back choices. I also have the SHP9500s and the are without a doubt the best sounding open back choice in that price range (and just about anything under $200 IMO lol).

Which one is best depends on your environment:

Open-back has such a wider soundstage (which I largely prefer for listening to just about everything), in games and movies virtual surround has much more presence, and music seems to surround you when you listen. The major downside is, it only works well if there are no outside noise that will hamper your listening and vice-versa (where your listening will bleed out to disturb others).

Closed-back will have much more isolation so less chance for being disturbed for you and others around you, and the sound is more focused "in your head" which are usually better for music professionals so that's why so many studio cans available are closed type.

Right now the SHP9500 is on sale for $58 on newegg, I am tempted to recommend getting that (since they have discontinued making them) as well as a decent set of starter closed-backs like the Tascam TH02 great deal for $22 however would be a far cry from the 7506. Tough call...
Mar 16, 2018
Thanks doolittle. But like what do you recommend open or closed back? ( As in will the Philips SHP 9500S be better than any of the closed back ones for mixing. I do have a decently quiet environment, so that wouldn’t be an issue). Also I did look up Tascam but they aren’t very flat so probably not what I’m gonna go for.



If your environment is open-back friendly yes that is absolutely the way to go, the SHP 9500 simply can't be beat in that price range.

For a more flat-responding closed cans have a look a the LyxPro HAS-10 or the Edifier H840 they would be an improvement in the $40 range (although still not as good as the 7506 but closer!)
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