Question Best Gaming headset/headphones for gaming? £100-£150

Nov 16, 2018
Hi, i'm looking to buy a new headset for gaming with good quality sound and comfort. I like the gaming headsets such as the HyperX cloud flight and sennheiser game zero due to their convenience, however i'm also open to a headphone + attachable mic combo.

-A lighter pair of headphones is preferable with good bass but not too overpowering.
-Is compatible with the V-MODA BoomPro(no additional cabling) not a priority though.
-mainly for gaming and casual movie/music listening (tends to be movie soundtracks)
-closed back since i'm in a fairly noisy enviroment

Any suggestions are much appreciated since i can't decide what to get. Thanks!

Deleted member 217926

Not sure about UK pricing.

The Sennheiser HD598C. It's a closed back HD598. The open back version of which is my daily driver and gaming headphone despite owning 'better'. It's light, comfortable for days and has very good soundstage and imaging. I've had my 598s the longest and they were my gateway to good headphones. Mostly neutral meaning equal weight is given to the bass, mids and treble. Sennheiser's 'house sound' is a very sweet, slightly emphasised midrange. That's where the vocals are.

A little more of a V shaped sound would be these Audio Technicas. They also have an inline mic. The V shape gives an emphasis to the treble and bass over the mids. More 'exciting' in games and more geared toward electronic music.

Can't think of a whole lot else in the price range that's closed back and good enough to recommend. Something like the Sennheiser Game Zero. It's also pretty good with music from what I've read in reviews.