Question Headphone reccomendations for gaming


Jan 3, 2018
Hello everyone was hoping you would be able to help me!

I am looking for a new headset to use for gaming and general TV/movie watching. I have had a pair of Turtle Beach X12s for the past 3 years and they have finally given up the ghost so I have decided to invest in an upgraded pair for the future.

I would like to preface this by saying that I am not an audiophile at all, the first time I got my X12's the sound on them absolutely blew my mind and they were only £30 from my local shop, so I dont really know what i'm looking for, I just want something that overall provides a better sound than just a normal pair of headphones, and actually feels like I am getting value for my money.

My budget is £150(which Google tells me is around $190) but I would be willing to stretch to around £200 for a really good pair.

I am a bit of a rare case in the fact that I don't play games online, so a microphone is really not a need for me, most of the games I play are offline games such as RPGS and Action games and watch the occasional film and Netflix series, but I probably lean about 80% gaming so this is more important for me. The problems I am having is seperating between a gaming headset and just a normal pair of headphones, I've seen multiple sources that say you can probably get a much better sound for the same price using a pair of normal headphones due to "gaming" headsets being filled with unneeded things and the microphone, I have been looking at these two pairs Steel Series Acrtis 7 and these Sennheiser HD 598SR but any reccomendations would be more than welcome. I would also if possible would like for the headphones to be wireless but I do realise that this may not be possible in my price point and I would prefer better sound than wireless capabilities.

Thank you in advance!

Headset for gaming,
Between £150 - £200,
Don't use microphone so normal headphones are fine,
Wireless if possible - but not a higher priority than sound.

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The HD598 is an excellent entry level to the audiophile world headphone. It was my gateway and I still use it for gaming and general daily use just because of how comfortable it is. There's also the newer HD599 which is a slightly revised 598 with better bass extension.

Excellent review:

As he says the 598 is very similar.

Probably over your price range after taxes and shipping but the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee wouldn't be a bad place to start either. It's probably a small step up from the 598/599 and still doesn't really need an amp.

Massdrop has a bunch of cool stuff but they have really made a name for themselves with affordable audiophile stuff. Their collaborations are often better than the originals at a lower price. They're in the process of testing European specific shipping.