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  1. C

    Solved! Best Dac/Amp under $100 cad for the Ath-M40x

    I usually play first person games like csgo, overwatch, etc and listen to electronic music. With the M40x i just feel like im missing somethibg, hope you understand what I mean.
  2. J

    Solved! Lenovo 100s ideapad won’t turn on!!!!!

    My Lenovo 100s ideapad won’t turn on. I’ve left it to to charge for 2 days and still nothing happens. When plugged in, the battery lights only blinks orange then it stops and switches to a white light. And I’ve read other post saying take out the battery, but I really don’t want to unscrew...
  3. J

    Best 100$ headphones

    Can you guys recommend me any decent headphones under 100$ to atleast 150$, preferred wired one but a wireless one is ok for me. Also with noise cancelling mic and decent surround sound.
  4. X

    Best basic tracker

    Hey, Maybe someone can suggest good basic activity tracker under $100? I'm not going to wear it all the time, so I don't need screen that shows you incoming messages, competing with friends, reminders or whatever, I'm gonna wear it only during exercising. I don't really care about step counting...
  5. F

    Looking for over-ear headphones for listening to music

    Hi, I'm in a need of over-ear headphones which are under $100. I'm mainly going to be using it for listening to music, specifically pop and EDM. It would always be nice to have wide sound stage and overall great quailty sound but not skull crushing over-emphasised bass. :ouch: Any advice is...
  6. D

    Good headset for gaming.

    I need a gaming headset under 100 Australian dollars. The headset is for a laptop which only has one 3.5mm jack. Any suggestions? All help will be appreciated.
  7. W

    Best used Fortnite rig under $100`

    I need a used Fortnite rig for under $100 It has to have at bare minimum Core i3 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  8. Z

    Best Open-Back Headphones under $100? SR60e vs shp9500S

    I am looking for a good pair of headphones to start with, I want good, clear mids, and highs. I am stuck between getting the Grado SR60e and the Philips shp9500S. The Grado headphones seem like they would give high quality audio, however I am worried about the comfort level. The Philips seem...
  9. J

    Mixing Headphones Recommendations under $100

    Hey everyone, tl;dr : I need mixing headphones ( not recording headphones ) for music production STRICTLY under $100 ----------------------------------------------- I’m a newcomer to the audio production industry. I am a student. I’m on a SERIOUSLY tight budget. So I need a mixing headphone (...
  10. R

    Solved! i need to know good camera for under $100

    i need a camera under $100 that can record and take pictures
  11. Z

    Comfortable sound isolating headset for under 100$?

    I'm looking out for a headset (with mic) in which I priortize the following in the order displayed: 1) Comfort 2) Sound Isolation 3) Decent (does not need to be supurb) sound quality I wear glasses so #1 is especially important. Sound isolation comes next as I usually game in the same room...
  12. E

    Headphones for both music and gaming under $100?

    Headphones for both music and gaming under $100?
  13. I

    looking for a tablet for my lil bro

    I need a tablet that is under 100 for my lil bro. I'm in USA thanks
  14. J

    On-Ear Headphones For Travel Under $100

    Looking for on-ear headphones that are under $100 and have some noise isolation for airline and public transportation.
  15. P

    Best desktop speakers under 100 euro?

    Looking for desktop speakers that I can get for under 100 euro or maybe a tiny bit above. Sound quality is pretty important to me. I got plenty of space on my desk for anything. I'd prefered normal powered speakers since thats what I'm used to but if anyone knows a good pair of hifi speakers...
  16. malrats

    Looking for a gaming headset solution with mic monitoring/sidetone for under $100-150 or so.

    I am always on a constant quest for a headset that's good for gaming but also provides me with a way to hear myself. If I can't, the headset is useless. All Turtle Beach and Astro offerings have this, as well as Logitech, but none of them have really worked well for me for a PC setup because of...
  17. A

    Which headphone to buy?

    I am planning on buying some headphones under 100. Now i wanted a name brand just because my father doesnt want be to buy a brand that is not mainstream. So thats why the Grado headphones or status audio isnt on my list. Now I thought about the Beats EP, but thats just not worth it. The JBL...
  18. W

    Looking for a good gaming headset under 100$

    Im looking for a good headset. Was thinking about Logitech g430 or Razer kraken 7.1. Recommendations around the same price.
  19. jtpetch

    Best headset/headphones under 100$?

    Right, so, my Logitech G930's just crapped out on me (plastic in the rim broke, liquid plastic wouldn't hold together. Also, yeah. they're not a great headset, but I got them for 20$ from a friend), and I need a new headset. I've looked at a few, and right now, I'm stuck between the Hyperx Cloud...
  20. P

    All Around Headphones Under 100$

    Im looking for headphones around 100$ I plan on using them for computer so there will be casual gaming done on them as well as a lot of youtube and music on my phone so i want something that sounds great. ive been looking at the ATH-40X/50X but i want to see what choices you guys have
  21. M

    Looking for good sub $100 microphone for YouTube

    Hey everyone! Over the past while I've been getting a growing interest in making YouTube videos (CS: GO mainly), however my current microphone isn't working very well, that being the mic on my Turtle Beach X12 headset I got a few years ago for my birthday. So what I'm looking for is a good...