Which headphone to buy?


Nov 12, 2016
I am planning on buying some headphones under 100. Now i wanted a name brand just because my father doesnt want be to buy a brand that is not mainstream. So thats why the Grado headphones or status audio isnt on my list. Now I thought about the Beats EP, but thats just not worth it. The JBL everest 300 also just wasnt worth the price. Also The Bose soundtrue 2 was in my list but wasnt worth it either. Ausio Technica m40x headphones were also too big for my liking. I also wanted on year as a preference. So I was left with 2 brands sony or sennheiser. These are the 2 headphones that I found. The Sennheiser Urbanite on ear headphones and the Sony MDRXB950AP/H. I wanted to go with the Sennheiser as it just is a better all round headphone, but the earpads dont seem to be very comfortable, however the sony once look very comfortable but cheap. So which headphone is the better buy. Can you also tell me if the Sennheiser Ulbanite is very comfortable mainly in the earcup department. Also Ive had an issue with hot ears when using overear headphones do the Ulbanites earcups have this problem?
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