Question Do PC Speakers Need to be Magnetically Shielded?

Feb 19, 2021
Are PC speakers supposed to be magnetically shielded?

My setup:
PC: Lenovo ThinkCentre M83
Windows 10
Speakers: Altec Lansing VS1520 (2.0)
Headphones: Sony MDR 7506

I am a medical transcriptionist. I listen to downloaded audio files and type them into medical reports. Most the time I use headphones connected
to the speakers that are connected to the PC. There are times when I like to listen through the speakers only as my ears get very tired of
headphones. My Altec Lansing 2.0 speakers are very old and are not as clear when listening through the speakers only and I was looking
to replace them.

I wanted speakers between $20.00-$40.00.
Volume and headphone jack on front of speakers
No USB connection
No Bluetooth

The only brand of speakers I found in this price range are the Logitech Z200, Z130, Z313. But when looking at the specs, it doesn’t say the speakers are magnetically shielded. My speakers are less than 2 inches from my PC and monitor. My Apple iPhone is also on the desk as we have sign in to the hospital via MS authenticator

So, the question is, is it okay to use unshielded speakers?