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  1. S

    Solved! Question Better Audio quality - get external hardware compared to Realtek?

    Hello, I used my onboard Realtek ALC892 for a while and thought the sound was good, but this until this Christmas everything changed when I got both good headphones (Audio-Technica M30x) and a new Apple Macbook Air M1. I noticed I get a better sound quality with the headphones on the Apple...
  2. D

    Question KZ zs10 Pro VS Samson Technologies SR850 for sound quality and durability?

    Hi, I'm looking for really good sound quality on a budget, I've done some research and got it narrowed down to 2 options, but I don't know enough to pick between them. KZ ZS10 Pro VS Samson Technologies SR850 I know they're very different styles, and that's actually part of my problem, what's...
  3. J

    Solved! Which is better? Converting from HDMI or optical to RCA. Does it matter?

    My TV has optical and HDMI audio out but no RCA and I don't really have the money now to upgrade my reciever. But what I can afford is either HDMI or optical to RCA converter equipment but I want to know which of two might be better before I buy it. Is their a difference? Are they bottlenecked...
  4. K

    Can I connect my PS4 Slim to my Soundblaster z?

    I bought PS4 Slim and I just figured out that it doesn't have optical cable, and I really want to connect it to my sbz to get a really good sound quality, is there any adapter that I can buy? and is it going to affect the sound quality or it'll be normal same as optical from sbz to ps4? my...
  5. Y

    Solved! Suddenly my sound sucks

    This issue is driving me up the wall. Recently I got a pair of G933 Logitech surround sound headphones, to replace my other worn out G933 Logitech surround sound headphones. The sound was amazing on the original, and I was replacing them purely for aesthetic reasons. However, I found when I...
  6. U

    Wireless Headset Doesn't Sound Right

    Ok so recently I've been having issues with some headsets that I recently purchased. I first bought the Razer Thresher Ultimate Edition, and the highs in the headset I find didn't sound right. The only way I can describe how they sounded was "tinny". So I thought it was the headset itself, and I...
  7. mastarnaab

    New 50-100€ headphones for music (and games)

    Hi! I'm planning on buying new headphones, since my old ones are starting to see some wear and tear. So, the price range is 50-100€ and they need to be good for music. I also play games, but I don't want a headset, since those aren't as good with music, witch is a priority for me. I mostly...
  8. Masamune_Smokey

    Will this set up result in sound quality loss?

    I'm setting up my PC, PS4 and PS3 on one desk and I would like to run the PS3/PS4 into the dual HDMI ports on the monitor, while my PC goes through the DisplayPort. Anyways, I'll be using a soundbar for the consoles sound. Now my question is will the 3.5mm jack result in lower sound quality than...
  9. B

    Kraken Pro muffled sound and having hard time hearing people

    I just got my kraken and am boiling from inside cause i have a pair of 20$ headphones which i think have better quality.... dafuq is wrong? i played with the equalizer but no use, always sucks in a certain part Please help!, also need EQ settings if possible to try them :3
  10. Myntekt

    Headsets - Gaming ~100€

    Hello! I want some new headsets for around 100€. I don't understand much about audio and stuff though. I had the Gamecom 780, but they broke in two parts (literally). Now I got the G35, from Logitech, but I'm returning them since they aren't as loud (I can't find the right word for this, but I...
  11. Bookaboy

    Looking For Quality Headphones

    :hello: Hi everybody! I am curious to find out what headphones I should buy for my uncle's birthday. He's middle-aged and loves to listen to music (usually 'Pop' music), sound quality really is key for this purchase. In terms of looks, I quite like the 'wooden' style that's going around right...