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  1. M

    Please help me choosing a gaming headset!

    Hey tomshardware! I'm looking to buy a good gaming headset (very preferrably with mic) for a budget, and I wanted help on some stuff I've been wondering. First of all, I've been looking between the Plantronics Gamecom 388 and the CMStorm Ceres 300, which one do you guys think it's better...
  2. Myntekt

    Headsets - Gaming ~100€

    Hello! I want some new headsets for around 100€. I don't understand much about audio and stuff though. I had the Gamecom 780, but they broke in two parts (literally). Now I got the G35, from Logitech, but I'm returning them since they aren't as loud (I can't find the right word for this, but I...
  3. Myntekt

    New Headsets €50-150

    Hello. I have the gamecom 780 headsets and I like them, but something just happened: I can't fix them, and what you see on the photo is the damage on an "early stage", they're almost completely broken in half now. What kind of headsets for gaming do you think would be good for me? I want them...
  4. L

    Should I return these headphones and get a better pair?

    I recently ordered a new Creative HS800 Fatal1ty Gaming Headset, but I am now starting to have second thoughts on this product as apparently the microphone used in the build isn't very good at cancelling the noise, eg breathing and the actual sound of the headphones such as music. I would like...
  5. T

    The Best 7.1 surround headphones under $250

    I am looking for the best pair of 7.1 surround sound headphones that is under $250 The primary use will be for gaming and I would prefer to have a high quality microphone. (or at least equal to the razer megalodon after tweaking the settings to kill static). I tend to play for long periods of...