Jun 14, 2015
Hello everyone, I am using HP ENVY 3010-eg and the following issue has started a few days ago, on Tuesday.
(Laptop Specifications: -- with the only exception being my 1TB SSD being the primary hard drive having the Operating System and the secondary HDD is a 750GB 7200rpm.)

My laptop, say while browsing (firefox), goes from normal 1-10% CPU use to 99-100% CPU for let's about 1-2 minutes, then goes back to normal (back to 1-10%).

I cannot detect what process is using that high amount of CPU:
>Windows Task Manager won't show what's happenening while 100% cpu is being used.
>Norton 360 is not even issuing any high CPU warns, as it would usually do with other applications.
>I have tried looking at the 'Process Explorer' tool to find out what is using the high CPU but even there it is not shown.
>Multiple virus scans by different software (Norton, Eset, Mcafee etc.) have shown, there is no malware/virus on my computer.

I have recovered my operating system using a 4 year old clone hard drive (yes this laptop is 4 years old) and this is still going on.

I suspect the following and am going to not use them to experiment:
- New firefox version
- New skype version
Everything else on my computer is the same as before apart from these two applications above.

I need ideas/solutions/suggestions about what to do.
Could this be a software issue? OR perhaps hardware issue?
How to detect the source?

Three screenshots: