Need Serious Help With Audio Setup. Urgent


Jan 27, 2016
I recently bought a new audio setup to improve the quality of my audio, however I am getting a horrible background hum/white noise going on and I just can't seem to solve it. I am a uk resident so not sure if our higher power is the problem or not. So I was wondering if anyone can help me?

My setup is as follows: AT2035 Mic -> XLR -> Mackie profx8v2 Mixer -> USB -> PC (or tape out to pc)

Also here is an example:

(it seems to have developed a slight ringing noise as well with the humming still)
Ground Loop, (earth loop) Connect only 1 ground to the power source, lift all the others with ground lift adapters.

Cable TV / internet ground loop.
Disconnect ALL cable TV from house. DID the hum go away?
If so, Use cable TV isolation transformer.