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  1. J

    Solved! Hi there! I have an audio Mixer question.

    I have tried finding the answer to this question to no avail(spent hours!). The question is simple: I recently purchased a cheap Uphoria UM2 Behringer mixer to start out my journey into mixers. It is plugged directly into my computer's motherboard with the USB cable provided. I have an XLR mic...
  2. L

    Solved! hum from mixer

    Hi guys new to the forum here. I have an Alessis Multimix 8 USB that is having a humming/buzzing sound even when nothing is connected while listening on headphones or pc. I can get the hum to lower by increasing the volume on line 3 while listening on line 1. Not sure if ground loop, I've tried...
  3. L

    Solved! Mixer with a db limiter?

    We have a temporary microphone/pa system setup installed at our community hall. It is made up of two stand mics and a wireless lav mic. We are planning on upgrading the system. Due to different people using the microphones we need someone on the mixer at all times which made me wonder whether...
  4. F

    Solved! how to make passive and active speakers work together

    Got Mackie CR3's and was wondering if there was anyone who knows how I could link some passive speakers to the loop? Would i need to invest in an Amplifier/mixer, or can this not be done? Not sure what wattage the passive speakers are, and not sure if that would have an affect depending on...
  5. R

    Solved! Need to connect several inputs to several outputs

    Hey, It's hard for me to explain because even I have no idea whether or not this would be viable, but here goes: I want something that I could plug my PC+Console+TV+Bluetooth Receiver and have that plug into 3 different outputs - speakers, home cinema and headphones. I guess I'm looking for...
  6. I

    Solved! Mixer Help/ Question

    Im kind of new to audio equipment so i have a few questions. I wanted to get a mixer to hook up to my pc so i could control the eq of my xlr mic, music, and other PC sounds with a physical device so i didnt have to screw with them on a program. but after i thought about it it wouldnt work for me...
  7. K

    3-Way audio setup

    Hello! I have a 2017 macbook, that will be hooked up to a monitor with 3.5 mm minijack output (its a hub), i have a PS4 that just has USB, and i have a Windows computer. I'd like all of these to be connected to 1 headphone,1 pair of speakers and 1 microphone I know I need a mixer, but not...
  8. O

    How to use an XLR for Dual-PC Twitch Streaming

    Hello everybody, I run a very basic DUAL-PC setup for my Twitch streams, of which I want to upgrade my audio. Gaming PC Elgato HD60 Streaming PC Above is the very basic route all my audio follows. All the audio from my gaming pc goes through my Elgato HD60 and to my streaming pc, ultimately...
  9. W

    Solved! Mackie PROFX12 preamp noise

    Noise, like interference, seems to occur on all channels intermittently. In addition ch 1 no longer works. Anyone out there have a clue? I see all the pre amps are separated from each other. It's my belief is that supply to these pre amps is where the faults at. PC board repairs look a problem...
  10. J

    multiple audio sources for one headset

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution to be able to combine multiple audio inputs into one outut for my headphones. I've looked at 2 solutions but I'm concerned about audio quality. A mixer -...
  11. D

    Custom audio mixer/selector wiring help

    Hello Community! I have started a project and am at a stage that I would like my plans verified before I invest in the parts needed to complete the project. Here are the notes... I am looking to build an audio selector which allows me to independently control (through analog dials) my audio...
  12. Remur

    Interested in investing in my own audio and recording setup. Any advice, please?

    I've recently been interested in investing in my own audiophile/recording setup, but it's a little confusing for me. I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. What I'm essentially aiming for in terms of sound quality is entry-level audiophile quality, I suppose. Something I can at...
  13. H

    Mistake? Bought a mixer to mix 2 stereo sources into one

    Bought the Behringer Xenyx Q502USB and it arrived last night and I was hit with the realization I may have jumped the gun and bought the wrong tool for the job. What I have is 2 audio sources and 1 Headset(audio+mic), Stereo from PC and TV and all I want is audio from both sources to be mixed...
  14. F

    Interference on brand new mixer (second one now)

    Hi, so I just bought myself a new mic and a mixer however I have this horrible hum in the background ( https://youtu.be/f3QHJwLUrOU ) I believe it may be a power issue as even if I mute the mic via the mixer the interference is still there. A mate of mine said something about loops or something...
  15. A

    Can I plug a keyboard, microphone, studio monitors, headphones and my computer into only one mixer?

    So that I can monitor myself with the headphones, play audio from my computer , play on the keyboard, and send all of this to the main mix on the studio monitors? Can I do all of this with only one device?
  16. R

    Need Serious Help With Audio Setup. Urgent

    I recently bought a new audio setup to improve the quality of my audio, however I am getting a horrible background hum/white noise going on and I just can't seem to solve it. I am a uk resident so not sure if our higher power is the problem or not. So I was wondering if anyone can help me? My...
  17. ringmany

    Connecting an amp to a PC using a mixer?

    Hi everyone, I purchased an amp recently called 'Line 6 amplifi' and I'm trying to connect it to my PC as a speaker. I also have an 'Alesis Multimix 4 USB' I'm trying to figure out how I can connect my amp to my mixer, to then connect to my PC to use it as a speaker, using a guitar cable...
  18. S

    Amplifier cutting out when used with mixer

    Hi, I have an A-20-K Pioneer amplifier connected to an Xone 23C Allen and Heath mixer for use with my (very old) turntables. I recently moved house and brought my equipment with me. Since I set it up again there seems to be a problem between the mixer and the amplifier, even though it used to...
  19. K

    Mixing two inputs with one output

    Hello everyone. So I am currently on a mini audio project. I am trying to replicate the Plantronic RIG headphone system with multiple modular mid to high end. Now. So the easy part is getting a high end Gaming headphone, wich has 2 3.5mm jacks. One for the microphone and one for sound...
  20. Onus

    Basic but quality / "growable" podcast setup

    I am giving serious thought to doing some podcasts / audio recording, initially limited to commentary, but possibly to grow to include remote guests (e.g. Skype or phone). These might be provided to specific others interested in them, placed on YouTube (if sufficiently well-done; think "Wild...
  21. S

    Mixer and Shotgun mic

    Hello people I was looking for a decent to good Mixer with 2-3 Inputs and a shotgun mic.. Mixer be around $70-80 and the mic be like $50. I did look into some Behringer mixers, any help would be great. Thanks