Solved! how to make passive and active speakers work together


Jul 19, 2013
Got Mackie CR3's and was wondering if there was anyone who knows how I could link some passive speakers to the loop? Would i need to invest in an Amplifier/mixer, or can this not be done? Not sure what wattage the passive speakers are, and not sure if that would have an affect depending on whether I would need the Amplifier or not..

Can someone gimme a hand here? Wanna increase those vibrations
You would need to split the output that is feeding the CR3s, Connect one pair of outputs to the CR3s and the other to an amp with volume control that would power and control the volume of the the passive speakers relative to the CR3s. You don't need a mixer.
The specs for the passive speakers will have a suggested range of power to drive them. Depending on room size, how far you sit from them, how loud you want to play them, and your budget you would choose from within that range.
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