Question How to hook up a Active Sub to a PA amp (Crown XLS 1002) with a pair of passive speakers

Sep 19, 2019
How to hook up a Active Sub to a PA amp (Crown XLS 1002) with a pair of passive speakers
Hello -

Here is my system.
  • Amp - Crown XLS 1002
  • DAC - SMSL SU-8
  • PreAmp - JBL Mpatch2
  • Passive Loud Speakers - 2x Polk RTI6
  • Active Sub - Yamaha with RCA out
  1. looked online and the only thing I found was that I need to put the loudspeakers in Channel 1 output
  2. And then I need a Y XLR cable from the DAC to Channel 1 of the input (Crown says Channel 2 is turned off in Y mode)
  3. Either a RCA to Speakon cable/adapter to channel 2 for the sub or RCA to banana ect to the channel 2 output.
  4. Then set the lowpass filter on the Crown Amp to direct low frequency on channel 2.
  5. Then I w
ould have to Bi-wire the left and Right polk RTI6 so that they can use one connection.

I guess my other question is imaging, if I bind the loudspeakers to 1 channel how does it tell Left from Right?
There is more than one way to do it.
I would suggest that you connect one pair of outputs from the Mpas to the Crown amp which will drive the Polks and the other pair directly to the sub.
If it's more convenient you can use a splitter at the input of the amp and run the sub from there. The cables might be shorter that way depending on how the gear is arranged. Electrically it's the same thing.
The Crown amp has an adjustable high pass filter which will allow you to remove bass from the Polks. That will let them play louder and cleaner.
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