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  1. djrakobeat

    Question DJ Speakers Random Static Bursts/ Ground Loop?

    TLDR: I'm a wedding DJ and my sound system has been giving me random bursts of static when just playing music. Happened during dinner at a tent wedding but it had rained so I thought it was because my equipment was rained on but when I did it in an indoor wedding, it happened again. Tried to...
  2. F

    Solved! how to make passive and active speakers work together

    Got Mackie CR3's and was wondering if there was anyone who knows how I could link some passive speakers to the loop? Would i need to invest in an Amplifier/mixer, or can this not be done? Not sure what wattage the passive speakers are, and not sure if that would have an affect depending on...
  3. Can You Help Me Please

    Is There Any Music Software (NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS) That Can Automatically Sync A Video/Audio Perfectly

    I am a video dj. I remix a lot of music videos in my DAWS. Usually if I can find a video that goes with the audio remix, usually I remix it in my video dj software. Currently I use Cross DJ which has great high quality video outputs. The problem is that when I record a video with the song, a lot...
  4. Can You Help Me Please

    What Is The Best Media To Save My Music Recordings To?

    One discovery that is really a no brainer is online storage, but host also have hard drive crashes issues too, but even if I could hold them liable, I would rather have what I recorded then money that doesn't mean nothing for the work I put into my music. I was sort of thinking of getting a...
  5. J

    Sort by Genre

    I would like to start DJing (practise at home first) Currently my music is in folders by the artist(s) name This is what it currently looks like I want to change this so that music is in Genre folders instead of Artist folders so I...
  6. K

    Can MacBook Pro 17 " run Serato DJ?

    So, im thinking about to purchase MacBook Pro 17" Core 2 Duo" 2.33 2006g 3GB RAM, and I was wondering, if anyone know if that can run Serato DJ? FULL SPECS: The Apple MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.33 17-Inch features a 2.33 GHz "Core 2 Duo" processor (T7600), with two independent processor...
  7. M

    Will I be able to run Serato DJ with Macbook?

    Hey guys, I am purchasing an Apple Macbook Air 13" 128GB. As I DJ, I was wondering if it would be able to run Serato DJ. The specs of the Macbook and requirements of Serato DJ are below: Apple Macbook Air 13" 128GB Processor Type:Intel Core i5 Processor Cores:Dual Core Processor Clock...
  8. T

    Live Sound Speaker Compatibility

    I was wondering if the below set of speakers, subwoofer, and Amp would all work together for playing music at a party out of a laptop or phone. If not what would be an inexpensive yet powerful DJ speaker system. Speakers: Two VM Audio VAS4210P 2200 Watt 4-Way Dual 10" DJ Loud Speakers...
  9. G

    Problem with sound quality

    So I just bought a new laptop, Asus x550LN. It has a soundboard from Realtek, and the problem is that I'm using this laptop for my dj gig's, and I bumped in a problem, the sound that the laptop output is not the best it can be, the highs and the mids are very loud and the bass it's very soft and...
  10. N

    Can my PC mic jack handle -10dBV

    Hallo, tommorow i will throw a party and I want to stream it live. My laptop doesn`t have a Line In input, so I will have to use the mic input. On my dj mixer REC output says, that the signal is -10dBV. Can the mic input handle this ?