Sort by Genre


Jun 28, 2016
I would like to start DJing (practise at home first) Currently my music is in folders by the artist(s) name

This is what it currently looks like

I want to change this so that music is in Genre folders instead of Artist folders so I can drop it into my DJ program and not have to go through every song and try and work out the Genre.

I can't see your imaged without agreeing to Dropbox's terms but if it's a normal Windows Explorer page, you could click on Contributing Artistes which will shake them all up to the top of the list. Surely that wll make the task at least a bit easier.

I just tried it on mine but Meatloaf and Mozart are still neighbours. Cick the Name or Date headings to bring things back to normal.
If have accurate genre metadata on each song then you can sort them by the metadata on any playback program that allows this such as mediamonkey or JRiver.
For artists that stay in one genre you could either add that genre name before the artist name or make folders for each genre and place the artist folder inside it. For artists that are hard to define you could have multiple artists folders inside each genre folder with just the songs that are correct for that genre.