Question Converting from PC - Laptop (Learning to DJ/ other music stuff)


Jul 4, 2015
So I am currently in the process of selling my PC to help fund buying a laptop and some other music equipment. I've always liked the idea of getting a Macbook as every time I have used them I've enjoyed them and I like the build quality etc, however I understand they're expensive. I found this one on Amazon ( ) which doesn't seem unreasonably priced for a 2017 Macbook air and would probably the extent of my budget.

I plan on using the Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 with Rekordbox software and was wondering if anybody could provide some insight and advice on my situation. Is there a reliable reseller of Macbooks where I could possibly get a cheaper one ? I've heard of too many mixed reviews about refurbished Macbooks, or am I best going down another route ?

I built my own PC so I'm good with PC specs ! But I have never ventured down the laptop route, or the music route for that matter. I also have a 1TB external hard drive which would be handy for a smaller GB hard drive on a laptop so I don't burden it too much. Thanks for the help !

I must add that this laptop would become my main machine and I see it as an investment for the future too. I will need it for school work etc as I get older.