Question DJ Speakers Random Static Bursts/ Ground Loop?

May 1, 2019
TLDR: I'm a wedding DJ and my sound system has been giving me random bursts of static when just playing music. Happened during dinner at a tent wedding but it had rained so I thought it was because my equipment was rained on but when I did it in an indoor wedding, it happened again. Tried to replicate it at home but I believe this is being caused by a ground loop although it wasn't a consistent hum or buzz, it was instead bursts of static which for a wedding is definitely not good. Luckily I had a backup sound system which worked fine but still trying to figure it out since I can't have it happen at another wedding.

What I think happened:
  • My main speakers were plugged into two different outlets hence my thought that maybe it was a ground loop that had caused it both times but tried it at home and didn't get the same result. It worked fine. I'm thinking it depends on the venue's outlets?
  • I had the wireless mic receiver behind the speakers both times but looking back, another vendor's phone may have been near said receiver
    • Note that when I do plug in the mic receiver through a 1/4 A/B Mixed chord, I did get a constant hum which was fine as the mic was seldom used
  • Tried different chords for the speakers, mics, and turntable-to-speaker all of which worked fine as well
My question is has anyone ever experienced this before and found a consistent reason why this is? Pretty sure it's a ground loop but wanted to make sure. Planning on plugging in all systems to one place and buying the two below items to fix it but additional input would help! Thanks!
I would be surprised if static bursts were cause by a ground loop.
Tough to pin down when the problem is intermittent.
RF, noisy transistor, or bad circuit trace come to mind as more likely.
Adding a ground rather than lifting on might be more advantageous? Can't hurt to try the isolators you link to. Useful to have around even it they don't help.


Apr 5, 2017
Sounds to me like RF bursts. Were the wireless mics quite far from the receivers when the burts were happening? I would first try to increase the squelch setting on your receivers, in this case you might be a little bit more prone to getting a dropout, but at least if the signal becomes low enough you won't get that horrible burst of RF noise. The receiver unit might just be faulty as well.