Question How to stop hum on Pyle PT588AB

Jan 19, 2024
I have a Pyle PT588AB receiver that I use for the speakers of my computer. The system has worked fine since I got it, but yesterday my cats decided to go nuts around it and now it has an audio feedback hum. I have checked all my speaker wires and all the AV cables and nothing has worked to stop it. If I turn the volume up the hum decreases in volume.


Zoomies, chasing each other over and around the receiver. They ripped the cables out of the back of my center speaker and almost knocked the receiver off the shelf.
I fully understand now. Makes me wonder if one of the ports or cables might have been damaged.

Removing cables one at a time might help isolate the source. Also, verify that both ends of all cables are fully seated/inserted and that none of the sockets are loose.

P.S. I am happy for you that this wasn't a cat pee going crazy thing. That NEVER ends well.