Question Advice on how to set up surround

Mar 29, 2024
Hope that I’m asking in a right place the right question.

I’ve recently fell into some equipment and I was hoping to set up a surround system home with it.

Right now I have

4x BO Beolab 4000 - they are active this one has RCA inputs and proprietary BO connection.

REL Stadium II subwoofer - this one has 3 different XLR inputs and is also active

The idea is that I want to have an Xbox as a source of entertainment going to a projector as display.

The question I have is what is the best way I can run this and what equipment do I need to get.

I’m assuming some receiver with a pre-out, but what are the things to consider and best way to wire?

My objective is that there’s only 1x hdmi output for both video and audio from Xbox and I’d like not to lose image quality and increase lag.