Solved! Static background noise when using amplifier. How do I fix


Feb 26, 2016
I want to split the audio from my pc to my headset and speaker at the same time. I had purchased an amplifier and routed accordingly. In the background I get a light static buzz and a louder buzz when I move my mouse. When I unplug one device so that only one device is using the amplifier, everything sounds normal. How can I fix the issue? Would using a ground loop noise isolator work? Or is there a better way to split the audio to both devices?

Also I did try using realtek audio driver to use a stereo mix so that the sound could be split. When that's downloaded my mic sounds extremely low thus needing to use boost on mic settings leading to a shitty sounding mic. I ended up just uninstalling realtek audio driver.

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Yes this is probably because you are splitting the headset connections, I'm guessing you are putting the mic in the PC and the headphone jack to the amp you got. Same post as on Tomshardware.