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  1. djrakobeat

    Question DJ Speakers Random Static Bursts/ Ground Loop?

    TLDR: I'm a wedding DJ and my sound system has been giving me random bursts of static when just playing music. Happened during dinner at a tent wedding but it had rained so I thought it was because my equipment was rained on but when I did it in an indoor wedding, it happened again. Tried to...
  2. D

    Solved! Multiple audio inputs causing buzzing noise

    Hello, I'm no expert in the audio field, so apologies if this isn't the best explanation. I have two 3.5mm audio cables (PC and Nintendo Switch) plugged into a splitter as input that go into one speaker. When the Switch is powered on and both audio inputs are plugged in, there is a...
  3. D

    I Guess Its Group Loop. Please Help Me

    guys i recently got myself a sony vaio e series vpcea32en for music production cause i wanted to more mobile rig. I've been using desktop for recording for more than a year i have no issue with my desktop. when i plug my interface in my laptop with battery charging there's a lot of noise coming...