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  1. W

    Question Amplifier turns on, sub makes a thud, then amp turns off.

    So, I've been trying to wire up my subwoofer for absolutely ages and I'm completely lost now. I'm using a Pioneer GMD8701 paired with a Pioneer TS-A300B 1500 watt subwoofer/box. I've had the setup working, but unfortunately my aftermarket head unit died. I ended up buying a new one, and hooked...
  2. SamToz

    Question My Pickering subwoofer has it's amp buzzing - IMPORTANT

    Hey ! I have this active Pickering subwoofer that buzzs loudly when I turn it on, regardless if I play some music or not. That happened when I was fiddling around in the amp's motherboard and made an false manoeuver. The motherboard + capacitors seem fine visually, when that happened it made an...
  3. Synrednov

    Solved! I got some old speakers and I need to buy an amp, but I am new to audio stuff

    How many watts are my speakers? and how much watt amp do you I need to buy? My speakers are SONY SSLB555AV
  4. A

    Solved! Help with car amplifier! Calibration?

    Hi! I have the JBL S2-1224 12" 275 rms subwoofer paired with the JBL GX-A3001 amplifier. I had the subwoofer set at 4 ohms and the gain at 50%. Good base and it hit hard. Then I learned about clipping and that you should set the voltage from the amplifier to the subwoofer. I calculated the...
  5. D

    Solved! connecting my old sony speakers with an amplifier

    Hello everyone i have an old Sony mini hi-fi component system MHC-GN770. i have two main speakers that are working great but main unit is not. one of my friends has an Akai AM-2250 amplifier. i was wondering whether i can use my speakers with this amplifier. Any help is welcome. thanks.
  6. A

    Question Surround System Channel Noise Issue

    Hello, I've got some amplifier noise/interference that's driving me nuts. It's a high pitched whine with intermittent pulsing, like Morse code. I have a Midiland S4-8200 5.1 surround system that I've been using for the past 18 years for my PC. There's some noise coming from the Right and...
  7. T

    Solved! Is it possible to use a 12V3A (36W) power supply for a 20x2W stereo amplifier without any problems?

    Hello, I have 2 of the mentioned power supply, and I have an amp thats rated for 12V 2x20W, and an other one which is rated for 12V 2x50W. Is it bad for the amps to use them with a power supply like this, or I should buy a bigger one? (I know it's gonna be "less effective", but that's not the...
  8. F

    Solved! how to make passive and active speakers work together

    Got Mackie CR3's and was wondering if there was anyone who knows how I could link some passive speakers to the loop? Would i need to invest in an Amplifier/mixer, or can this not be done? Not sure what wattage the passive speakers are, and not sure if that would have an affect depending on...
  9. K

    Solved! Yamaha Amplifier turns itself on randomly when plugged in

    Hello, I have a YAMAHA amplifier which is behaving little strange since past few months. When the amplifier is connected to any socket and plugged on, even though its in switch off mode, it starts automatically. I have to remove the plug completely to stop this happening. Also, lets say there...
  10. U

    Solved! Amplifier Connection From computer multimedia woofer

    Hi Guys, How are you, Actually im new to this so want your opinion on it. The thing is that I have 2 jbl woofers. Which is connected to yamaha amp avx-700. The thing is that as i hook the woofer wires in `Main Speaker terminals`, so from woofers i get the bass plus vocal music, but not the pure...
  11. Graybush

    The Audiophile Gift Guide 2018

    Connoisseurs of the finest of sounds have a discerning and expensive taste. Don't be caught out of tune. Our gift guide is full of unique gifts that go up to 11. Audiophiles want the best of the best and these gifts are sure to please. Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back Headphone - 171.00...
  12. J

    Solved! DT990 Pro Headphones with FiiO E10K Olympus USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

    (New to the audio scene so please correct me if i'm wrong etc) I was wondering if the FiiO E10K Olympus would be enough to power music/games/movies for the DT990 Pro Headphones. As far as I'm aware it will only power 150ohms but wont the 250ohms be to loud for anyone anyway? Will I notice the...
  13. A

    Yamaha Stereo Amp A-300 (1983) with Mission m71i speakers

    I got both the amp and the speakers off Gumtree and the speakers have worked well for years now. The amp was bought as a backup for me to take to uni but when I play music I occasionally get a cracking sound, the amp will either reboot itself or stay powered but not connect to the speakers? Any...
  14. R

    Which high-end real headphone, amp/dac or soundcard should i get?

    Hello, So I recently got myself inside audio industry. I mean, I saw on youtube that real high-end headphones(such as Sennheiser, bose, sony, beats and etc) are way superior to any headsets(such as Logitech G933, Corsair Void Pro Wireless and other virtual 7.1 high-end headsets which I...
  15. A

    No sound from subwoofer after installing new amp

    I have an RCA 5.1 surround sound system, but the receiver was on its way out so I replaced it with a Pioneer VSX-531 5.1 Receiver (, and decided to use the old speakers because they sounded great when the...
  16. A

    Tube Amp + Audio Interface?

    Hey everyone, I don't know anything about audio setups but I'm trying to understand it the best I can. Apparently, an audio interface can replace an Amplifier/DAC combo. I basically want to listen to music on low-impedance cans below around 40 so I don't need an amp but I'm assuming a tube amp...
  17. True Buie

    Right channel on DarkVoice 336se is stubborn

    Heyo people Some time ago I acquired my first real tube amplifier. I've had some hybrids tubes beforehand, however never felt like I got the "tube" sound, and boy didn't I get that. So I bought my Darkvoice 336se and I LOVED it. They really made my HD800's come alive. However... Now the right...
  18. K

    Can I connect my PS4 Slim to my Soundblaster z?

    I bought PS4 Slim and I just figured out that it doesn't have optical cable, and I really want to connect it to my sbz to get a really good sound quality, is there any adapter that I can buy? and is it going to affect the sound quality or it'll be normal same as optical from sbz to ps4? my...
  19. yourilevoye

    Do I need an amp?

    So I bought the AKG K271 MKII and they seem to be okay. The point is that if I use them at my computer/phone everything sounds a little bit like phonecall-quality. I knew that a high impedation could cause a bit less louder sound, but should an amp fix my problem? The headphones have around...
  20. wallybois

    Looking for decent speakers ....any suggestions?

    Looking for decent speakers ....any suggestions? I was using my AV amp for a good system but the speakers were poorly placed for the office desk area so looking to install a more suitable solution at the desktop. Really like low end detail Really need to change these Creative T10 PC speakers!!!
  21. J

    amplifier & driver equalization for making crossover

    hello. i have question and my english is terrible... so! sorry before :D i want to make an amplifier by 4 pieces tda7294 on bridge mode which output is stereo and the power is 150w RMS on 8ohm by 18-0-18 volt 8A transformator. also want to make 2 X 3way speakers. so my problem gonna start...
  22. C

    Best warm sounding amp under €300?

    Hello dear tom'sHardware users!! I am looking forward into buying a new amp. Since I am looking forward to use them with either the new Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 or the MA Bronze 2's (which should I pick) I would like the amp to provide warm sound, especially if I go with the Bronze 2's since they...
  23. W

    Solved! Technics SU-Z990 operational issues

    Hi all, Recently I've encountered some issues with an old (late 1980's) amplifier I decided to get going again. For example, when the unit is turned on there is quite a loud spike that is heard through the speakers when the relays click on. This is also heard when selecting another input...
  24. C

    Powering an AMP with PSU

    Hello guys! I am planning to build a subwoofer for my room. I have PIONEER TS-W3003D4 subwoofer. SPECS: 600w nominal 2000w max 4 Ω Also i have PIONEER GM-D8601 APM. SPECS: 600w nominal 1600w max 4Ohm 24A I am looking for a PSU that can run my AMP. I am looking at CHIEFTEC ATX 2.3 A-135...
  25. sioni90reggae27

    Is this a good amplifier for 8 ohms 700 watt speakers

    are these speakers good combination with amplifier? Ebay Technical Pro VMPR8 Passive Speaker 700 Watts 8 Ohms X2 speaker specs > Dimensions (H x W x D): 20" x 12" x 9.5" 20-700 Watts Recommended Power 50Hz - 20kHz Frequency Response 95dB Efficiency/Sensitivity 8ohm Impedance Technical Pro...
  26. ZanyLlama

    Need Help Finding the Right Speaker Amp for a Custom Soundbar.

    I have a soundbar that's been sitting in my basement for a while- I believe it's custom built since there are no model numbers or anything on it other than on the individual speakers themselves- and even those are very limited. It's in a very generic housing- with the fabric on the outside and...
  27. Racinglife12

    Audio interference when amp is plugged in motherboard

    Hello I have a slight issue with my amplifier when its connected to my motherboard. Theres a lot of interference when I move my mouse or when things happen on screen. The only way to get rid of it a little bit is to turn the volume knobs on my amp below 5 (they go from 1 to 10) Its not a...
  28. P

    Amplifier headphones smartphone

    Hi all, I don't know anything about audio amplifiers. Could you advise me a good quality audio amplifier? it should connect devices like smartphones and ipod to high impedance headphones. They can be also not portable. thank you
  29. L

    Issues with new amplifier

    Hey everyone, Okay I’m having an annoying audio issue with a new amplifier that I bought as an upgrade to my old one which was an Denon PMA520AE. Okay, before I get to the issue I begin with the setup that I’m on. Desktop: ■Core I5 6600K ■ASRock H110M Combo-G S1151 mATX Intel Motherboard...
  30. C

    What amp should I buy for Wharfedales Diamond 225?

    Hello I am looking to buy an amp that will power these speakers, i do want an amp which will not distort the sound and that will able to drive these speakers loud. I am looking to spend 100-150 $ (preferably euro). If possible give me a couple of different options and price points (from 100 and...
  31. A

    Building a subwoofer

    Hello, i'm planning to build my own subwoofer but I have a problem with a part of it. the subwoofer i'm planning to buy is Pyle PLPW8D 8-Inch 800 Watt. the problem is I do not know what amplifier plate does I need to buy, I have problem with the money, so I cant buy something like this...
  32. I

    Amp getting hot even when it is turned OFF?

    I have a Dayton SA100 100w Amp with 2 Aura bass transducers connected in series. I connect the amp to my PC's Center Subwoofer out with a RCA to 3.5mm cable. It gets hot even when it is not turned on. The red box is where it heats up.
  33. IAmAZ3R0

    Best Bass Shaker and Bass Shaker Location

    I am interested in getting a bass shaker. I want I don't know which to choose. My budget is no more than $65. My current Amp is the Panasonic SA-HT940. If I were to get a small bass shaker, would it be better to put it on the bottom of my seat or back. I will be using this for my racing sim.
  34. C

    85w speakers 100w amp?

    I'm a bit worried now about the speaker and amp config I was planning to buy. I was planning on buying a pair of Klipsch R-15M speakers which are rated 85w continuous and an amp in a few weeks, but recently saw an Onkyo tx 8020 100w (50 wpc) stereo amp on sale for about $100 and dumbly bought...
  35. R

    Wire confusion - connecting Passive Klipsch R-14 Speakers to Harmon Kardon 3490 Receiver

    I could really use some help connecting my new reference speakers to my receiver. I previous used Tannoy powered studio monitors in my Harmon Kardon 3490 connected by monoprice XLR to Male RCA cables. I plugged them into the AUDIO Pre-Out on the receiver and this worked fine. Now I'm...
  36. R

    Solved! Amplified antenna feeding an amplifier

    We live about 40-50 miles from tv broadcast towers in Dallas, so we recently got a long range multi-directional HDTV, flat plate antenna. It comes with an in line amplifier, but still doesn't get great reception, so I bought a Channel Master Model 3043 Distribution Amplifier with Dual outputs. I...
  37. T

    Toshiba TV to Yamaha Receiver. Send Help.

    I have Toshiba 52HL167 TV and a Yamaha R-S202 receiver, and the two are not working together. I have a digital audio converter connected to an optical wire and the converter, and RCA plugs going from the converter to the "in" RCA ports on the Toshiba. Another RCA cable connects from the "out"...
  38. P

    Need help regarding home audio.

    I currently have an old 5.1 Sony system in my home, the amplifier of which is likely to expire soon, but the speakers and the sub-woofer work just fine ( I tested by hooking them up to other sources). After that, I plan on upgrading. I have decided to buy a Yamaha A/V receiver, with 9.2 at the...
  39. R

    Budget amp for passive speakers?

    I want to connect some passive speakers to my PC and need a mini amp to do so. I'm not an audiophile by any means, I just want something that'll produce decent sound for gaming/general use at a low-mid volume (I'll also probably want to mount it under my desk so preferably nothing that is too...
  40. L

    Hooking up subwooder (with amp) with studio monitors

    Ok so I have got a pair of KRK Rokit 8, have an external sound card Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1. Recently I have got my car subwoofer along with its amplifier, and I'm thinking to make some use of it, hooking it up with my studio monitor. My subwoofer is JB, don't remember the model exactly...
  41. U

    Subwoofer connecting to guitar amp

    I have a Fender guitar amp (, i regularly use it at parties for music but the amp doesnt produce the...
  42. J

    Head unit problem

    Hello, I was searching information for few weeks, but found nothing. So i'm asking people who know how to deal with it! My problem is: When I listen to the music, and I change song, most of the time Sound dissapears, but head unit works every button is working, but no sound. Only a few...
  43. M

    Connecting older AV receivers to secondary amps

    What is best way to take advantage of another amps capabilities for a 2.1 system when the AV receiver has no pre outs?
  44. M

    2 speakers to 1 channel

    When i wire 2 50w speakers parralel to 1 50w channel. does the wattage of the speakers stack?
  45. M

    multiple speakers to 1 channel amplifier

    Im planning to build a portable speaker diy. After some research i found out that you can wire multiple speakers to a single channel. If you have 2 8ohm speakers, and you wire them paralel, you'll get 4ohm. Lets say my amp supports 4-16 ohm. It should work cause 4ohm is supported. If my amp...
  46. S

    Steps to install a passive sub woofer to a pc

    i have a samsung ps-wz510 sub woofer speaker system in my house. i want to know whether its possible to connect this to my father says i need to have a amplifier to get this connected.what kind of amplifier does it need and how much will it cost.please explain from the basics when replying...
  47. J

    Yamaha AS201 Amplifier - Subwoofer setup question.

    I've found a fantastic deal on a professional set of speakers from someone who is down sizing. The set includes: 2x 150w High quality 4-8Ohm (Bi-Wireable) floorstanders 2x 150w Heavy, high quality (Bi-Wireable) surround sound units 1x 100w High quality active subwoofer The Active Subwoofer...
  48. Barbatum083

    Looking for advice on a garage radio setup

    As stated in the title, I'm looking to set up a decent system for some AM/FM tunes in my garage. The catch is, I want to use a small radio that only has a 3.5mm jack. I read that it may be possible to use it with an amplifier to push the signal to a set of small speakers. My audio wiring...
  49. H

    Buying amplifier for low watt speaker?

    I have a Sony Hi-Fi system that I bought long ago. It has 2 speakers along with the Hi-Fi system body (which has the tuner and the cassette slots) to which the speakers are connected. Recently the circuit in the hi-fi system was damaged, but the speakers work fine. The System is Sony CFS-715S...
  50. shrinerh

    Amp suggestions for PA speaker

    I just installed this PA horn in my Jeep. It isn't particularly loud, nor was I expecting it to be, but I'm somewhat confused when it comes to getting an amplifier for it. NOTE: Every forum post I have seen so far online usually devolves to either quarrels about laws in different states...
  51. S

    Bookshelf speakers and amplifier

    Hello all, I have some bookshelf speakers from a stereo and record player from my dad which has passed away some years ago and they have been sitting in the storage and I decided to get them back to use. They were very expensive ones (yamaha I think) and I would like to connect them to my PC to...
  52. F

    Need help to buy Amplifier for Sony speakers ss vx 33

    Need help to buy Amplifier for Sony speakers ss vx 33 Hi, I had a Sony MHC vx33 which no more works It came with Sony speakers ss vx33 which have 6 ohms of normal impedance I want to buy a Amplifier so I can use these speakers along with my computer. I am novice about amps and speakers so...
  53. T

    Powered speakers emit hissing when plugged into home built computer.

    About a month ago I bought a pair of JBL Lsr 305 powered monitors to use with my first computer build. Issue is that since the first time that I plugged in the speakers to my computer they have made a horrible hissing noise and I am at wits end with what the cause is and what options I have to...
  54. Dhriti De

    Help needed to choose between DAC+amp combo and soundcard

    Okay, So this is a very old subject, but still it isnt clear to me. Actually I bought a M50x Matte Grey version few days ago. What I heard about M50s that its a bit over rated, its not that great. But however I found it wonderful and enough for me:). I like the Bass, the clarity. To me...
  55. Tomba_Dude

    Home theater set speakers with aftermarket receiver

    Hey! I have a sony home theater system with 5 speakers and a passive subwoofer. I'm satisfied with the sound but the amplifier does not have the connections I'd need to hook up other devices than my tv (only scart). Is it possible to use those speakers with an aftermarket amplifier receiver...
  56. E

    How do I wire this?

    Im getting a equalizer and a head unit and a amplifier how do I wire all of those on a single power supply? Im so what power supply do I need?
  57. Eviscerator95

    Would this headphones setup work for gaming/music well?

    I want to be get a new headphone setup, including headphone and amps, as I am sick of paying for overpriced gaming headsets, but I don't want to lose too much bass and I don't want to lose the virtual 7.1 surround sound. So, I did some research and I came to this setup (in order I would have...
  58. Deluxe_Fox

    What amplifier do i need?

    So i have 2 bass shakers that have a max of 25 Watt RMS per channel and 4 Ohm. I have searched for a long time to find the right Amp but i can't seem to find it. They are made for low frequencies (under 25 Hz). I have found some amplifiers but they are running on the lowest of 80 Hz i am not...
  59. R

    Will this amp be sufficient for Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 Ohms?

    I'm looking to take the plunge into the world of audio, the best pair of headphones I have being the Sony 7.1 Golds I bought with my PS4. I'm looking at the DT990 Pros because of the bass and soundstage, and the fact that it's open. The only problem I have is I don't know if the amp I have...
  60. R

    16Ohm Speakers for an 8Ohm amplifiers?

    Hello, This is my Amplifier well, I just confused with this, I have Two 250watt 16ohm Speakers and Two 125watt 8ohm speakers. I don't actually know how to connect because the max speaker out shows 8 ohms, people say I...