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    Solved! how to make passive and active speakers work together

    Got Mackie CR3's and was wondering if there was anyone who knows how I could link some passive speakers to the loop? Would i need to invest in an Amplifier/mixer, or can this not be done? Not sure what wattage the passive speakers are, and not sure if that would have an affect depending on...
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    No sound from passive speaker only the powered one

    Hey, I've been looking for an answer everywhere and can't find one hopefully someone here can help me. I have 2 Mackie CR3 Studio Monitors, they used to work fine then one day my sound would only play out of one speaker. I know they both work and my wires are good because when I switch the...
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    Powered speakers emit hissing when plugged into home built computer.

    About a month ago I bought a pair of JBL Lsr 305 powered monitors to use with my first computer build. Issue is that since the first time that I plugged in the speakers to my computer they have made a horrible hissing noise and I am at wits end with what the cause is and what options I have to...
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    Connect Hi-Fi speakers to PC

    I am trying to connect a pair of (unpowered) Hi-Fi speakers to my pc and occasionally my phone. My current solution is a £10 amplifier board from eBay but the quality is low, particularly at high volume. Can anyone suggest a way of connecting these, ideally USB powered and with either USB or AUX...