Question Audio Interface has a glitchy signal. Help!?

Jan 11, 2020
Hello! When i record into my DAW through my Avid Fast Track Solo the sound has a glitchy static noise on top of the audio. This sound will come and go at random. The correct and most recent drivers have been installed. This isnt a latency or buffering issue. Here is a list of things i have tried to fix the issue:
#1 New Drivers
#2 Diffrent Cables
#3 Restarting my DAW
#4 unplugging my interface and pluging it back in
#5 matching my computers bit rate with my DAW and my interface
#6 Plugging it into other USB ports

its worth noting that this sound is not heard when listening through just the direct monitoring switch on the fast track solo. but being played through any pc software or when recorded it is present.

the sound stays the same level even when i turn up or down the pre amps.

i uploaded a video of the noise

My computers specs are:
4 GB Ram
Intel Core i3
16gb of intel optane
1tb of hard drive space.

none of these have worked so far....

help is very appreciated. I have had this issue before a while back and cant recall how to fix it.
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Jan 11, 2020
My Pc is an HP 590P0033W and i cant find what the PSU is online... i have since tried using a diffrent audio interface (The MAudio M track) and im getting the same glitching only it doasnt sound the same and isnt as bad as the fast track solo. but it is still a huge issue :( thanks for your help... anymore suggestions is very helpful... again thanks.. this is really really bugging me.... also.. i am using windows 10 home
Jan 11, 2020
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