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    Question Audio Interface has a glitchy signal. Help!?

    Hello! When i record into my DAW through my Avid Fast Track Solo the sound has a glitchy static noise on top of the audio. This sound will come and go at random. The correct and most recent drivers have been installed. This isnt a latency or buffering issue. Here is a list of things i have...
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    Solved! Only Hear Sound On the Right Side (Headphones)

    My computer recently fell on its side while I had headphones plugged in, and now when I re-plugged them in (all the way in) you can only hear from the right side, no sound on the left. When you unplug a bit, it switches to only hearing left. And then when you unplug until it's pretty loose, you...
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    screetching/distorted audio from my sennheinser hd599 coming from yamaha MG10XU mixer

    first , thank you for visiting my thread regarding my issue. yesterday i ordered my first budget mixer and i received it earlier today. after some fiddling around with it i finally got it to work besides further tweeking for optimal quality finally got sound from my computer to output...
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    How to fix distant sound in headphone jack on HP Envy M6

    I bought a HP Envy M6 last September, and I've tried using headphones in the laptop, but every time I try to it sounds really static and distant, but if I pull the headphone itself upward it sounds a bit better. I can connect speakers to the laptop, no problem. Beats Audio is installed in the...