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  1. kk897

    Question The microphone is working and my Mac detects the device, but won't transfer sound - why?

    The microphone is working (I can hear it through the headphones) and my MacBook Pro detects the device, but no audio is transferred no matter what I do. Where's the catch? I'm using: Marantz MPM-1000 18mm Condenser Microphone Onyx Artist 1.2, 2 in x 2 out USB Audio Interface
  2. D

    Question Audio Interface has a glitchy signal. Help!?

    Hello! When i record into my DAW through my Avid Fast Track Solo the sound has a glitchy static noise on top of the audio. This sound will come and go at random. The correct and most recent drivers have been installed. This isnt a latency or buffering issue. Here is a list of things i have...
  3. M

    Xlr Mic To Mackie Mixer To Pc Sounds Amazing With Audacity But Horrible Though Skype! Please Help!

    I bought a Audio-Technica AT2035 and a Behringer Q502USB and a few cables. Returned the piece of shit Behringer and got the Mackie Mix 8. Everything sounds great when recording with Audacity but when I'm in a skype call my friend says it sounds worse then my C920 webcam. Do need to buy a usb...