Dec 6, 2018
So, i am looking for a gaming head set (mainly for my xbox) and found a great deal on a Razer Thresher and Astro a50. Either way cost aside what is the best gaming headset as far as Sound stage and then also sound quality that i can get for xbox one? also any feed back on comparing these 2 headsets as far as sound staging and sound quality. I've been thinking about the Philips SHP9500 with v-moda boom pro but want to know more about console gaming headsets, especially the thresher and a50.

Any help is hugely appreciated with either of these especially and any input on other pairs and brands!


I'd avoid Astro, they are not really good sounding headphones without their mixer amp, even then they are not as good as most others. Razer Thresher is actually decent for a gaming company headset.