Solved! Xbox One/PC Wireless Solution

Sep 21, 2020

I realize there may be a thread somewhere with this discussion, but I'm on the road the majority of the time and honestly dont have time to scour the forums for an answer, and a quick search found no real results. I'm looking for a headset, gaming or otherwise, that can be used for wireless gaming on both a PC and an Xbox One. This is for my daughter so I dont want anything really expensive as my kids end up beating things up, although she has done much better here of late, but I'm thinking going wireless might solve the issue of wires getting tangled and all that jazz.

She currently has the Astro A10's which have lasted wonderfully, but the dog caused her to yank backwards and the 3.5 male jack "snapped" off in the port in the back of the PC, hence the thought of going wireless. The issue is of course Xbox and the problem with finding headsets that work on bluetooth, at least thats what I remember being an issue last time i looked. I just dont have the time to research all that so I'm hoping some of you knowledgeable people can help me out.

I might also consider something with a detachable cable; I have Fidelio X2's, so I use and always have extra Moda Boom Pro mics around, so that could be an option since it always seems to be the mic/wire that they break. She is currently using my old SHP9500's and an extra Boom Pro to do her Zoom meetings for school but thats temporary and I'm on the road so I can't fix her PC right now, and tbh I'm not sure how to even fix the broken jack in the port deal (unless you guys can answer that too! ;) )

Thanks so much for any help/info, its very much appreciated!