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  1. V

    Solved! Help! Astro a50 or Razer Thresher?

    So, i am looking for a gaming head set (mainly for my xbox) and found a great deal on a Razer Thresher and Astro a50. Either way cost aside what is the best gaming headset as far as Sound stage and then also sound quality that i can get for xbox one? also any feed back on comparing these 2...
  2. S

    which headphone is better?

    i want to buy a good headphone for my PC. It will be only for gaming for my PC. Please advice me which headphone should i buy Logitech UE 3600 or Microlab K-320 or Dragon War G-HS-003 Revan? links are given below: Logitech UE 3600...
  3. SlapThatpAssport

    HD 598 is a good gaming headphone?

    Is the Sennheiser HD 598 a good headphone for gaming? I will use on PC and I also use console. I don't want headset its because people say it ruins the audio. If you can't answer these questions, just try to answer the above: 1. Is this 7.1? 2. I have a laptop, so the sound card isn't...
  4. S

    Need new high end headphones/headset

    I need some ideas... I need a pair of high end headphones or a headset for my gaming pc since my Logitech g930 has been acting up. Price is not an issue that I'm concerned with as long as we don't go well over $500. I'm not too particular on if it has a microphone as I have a standalone mic. If...