Question 1 Headset, 2 Devices (Computer and Xbox 1X)

Nov 28, 2020
Hi! Never have posted here, but have gathered a lot of answers from this site over the years. Thank you all!

I have a question.. I have recently started Gaming on PC more, though I still find myself spending some time with my xbox. These devices sit next to one another. I would like to be able to use my headset on either device, without having to move things around to change the plug.

My headset is a wireless RIG 800 LX by Plantronics. It connects to either device by way of a wireless transmitter that plugs into a USB port on the device.

There are no audio cables to be mentioned or anything else, just a simple USB plug.

So, Is there a way to have the wireless transmitter connected to both the XBOX and the PC at the same time, so that I can switch devices without having to change the USB plug from one device to the other.

PS: on the transmitter there is a switch that allows you to switch between PC and Console.. I don't know if this is an issue, though I could very easily click that switch when I changed devices, that would be fine.

Thanks for your help!