Question I accidentally turned off my laptop while using it and now it won't turn on

Oct 7, 2020
So I was playing Rocket League when the match ended so in order to quit I wanted to press ESC but instead I pressed the power button. I didn't press it hard or whatever and it shut down. Now the thing is that the power adapter was plugged in (my battery was at 40%) and now it won't turn on and the best part is that the battery LED doesn't light up when I plug it in the adapter. I tried taking out the battery. Holding the power button, plug the power adapter in and try to turn it on. Nothing happened. I don't know what could it be.

In case it helps the specs are:
Core i7 8th gen
240 GB SSD for the OS (Windows 10 Pro) and and main apps.
1TB HDD for storage
16 GB RAM DDR4 Dual channel
Sep 6, 2020
If you have a meter, check the output from the wall supply. Sounds like that's blown out, but accidentally powering down at any point shouldn't ruin a Power Supply.
But I've seen stranger things. write back with the results , I'd like to know either way. (curiosity)
I'm betting fuse internal to the glued together AC to DC Power Supply. opened up. Your battery may be weak also, drawing extra current. When you get your new Power Supply, pull the battery first, try running the computer without it. If it works and the battery has a few years on it, either run it no battery, or you'll risk blowing your new supply.
P.S Congrats on being the first person I've seen here (in my very short time on this site), Who can write so you can be understood, and gave some details.
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