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  1. R

    Solved! how to encrypt data storage in pixel 4a phone ?

    Hi guys, There is an option to encrypt the storage in google pixel 4a? besides pin code and fingerprint scan. Thanks for the help :)
  2. Z

    Solved! How to fix "settings keeps stopping" error whenever i access wifi IP setting and proxy setting under andvanced wifi settings

    Whenever i select a certain wifi connection and tap on the advance wifi settings then tap on to change the IP setting to static or to add a proxy connection, settings keeps on crashing. It always gives me an error ("settings keeps stopping") keeping me from accessing the IP setting and proxy...
  3. daniel.avital62

    Solved! HyperX Cloud Flight, what settings should I use?

    Windows 10, when you go to sound settings you can see all your audio possibilities and I right clicked my Headset, Hyper X Cloud Flight and I found enhancements. I looked everywhere for suggestions but have not found any that suits my question. I'm a gamer, but I'm also a music lover...
  4. G

    Solved! creative sound blaster z + old yamaha receiver crossover doubts

    i have a creative soundblaster z connected via analog cables to my old yamaha receiver (rx-v659) my questions are: where to set the crossover? sound card or receiver? also the sound card have a extra option called "subwoofer gain" that give more bass if i check the box (maybe extra 10 db i dont...
  5. O

    Ps3 to projector

    Please advise how to connect benqo mp510 projector to a ps3. Got all the cables and set some settings but still no view of the ps on the projector...
  6. S

    Can I run GTA 5 in low settings? Please Help

    Laptop Model: Fujitsu Lifebook LH-532 Graphics Card: GeForce GT 620M CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz Clock speed: 2.6GHz RAM: 4.0 GB OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 16299), 64-bit Screen Resolution: 1366*768 Can I run GTA 5? If I can run, how many fps I will get in low...
  7. BlueFireZ

    How to turn off/disable Skype notifications for specific contacts

    In this tutorial I'll be explaining how to turn off Skype notifications for specific contacts, simply follow the steps below! 1. Click on the contact you want notifications disabled for. 2. Now look for the "Conversation" tab at the top of the screen, and click on that. 3. From the drop down...
  8. S

    idx file settings not working on standalone media player but work on computer

    My idx file settings are not working on my "Asus O!Play Mini" media player but are working on my computer in Media Player Classic and VLC. I have an IDX+SUB file. It does in fact show the video with subtitles but they are on the very bottom and somewhat cut off when I play it on the O!Play Mini...
  9. A

    OBS and Vegas Settings

    Hi I am kinda new to the whole making videos and rendering and I just have a couple of questions.... Specs OBS - Record Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Edit/Render FX 6300 R9 270 8gb RAM 1. If I record a video with OBS with a bit-rate of 10,000, then I render that video in Vegas with a bit-rate of...
  10. crazygamer2255

    good gaming laptop under $500 dollars that can run tf2 at max settings

    i'm trying to find a good laptop that can play tf2 at max settings at 60 frames per second and 1080p, sadly enough, i can't spend 1,000 on an amazing gaming laptop, but does anyone know of a laptop for a cheap price (preferable even under like 350) that can run tf2 at max settings or cs:go at...
  11. rubandutta

    laptop graphics questions related to gaming

    I have selected to buy this laptop It has got 3rd Generation Intel Core i3 Dual-Core 3217U and 4gb ram with 2bg graphics of amd raedon 8670m i want to play games like assasins creed black flag , nfs the run, crysis 3 ...
  12. I

    Can i run Dark souls (I or II) on my laptop?

    These are my laptop's specs: -Intel core I3 cpu M330 @2.13 ghz -4gb RAM -ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 Tell me the settings, resolution and fps. (Minimum would be lowest, 720p 30fps) NO canyourunit. That page is a lie.
  13. M

    How to use 7zip to optimize a file for transfer speeds?

    How to use 7zip to optimize a file for transfer speeds? I want 7zip to make an archived folder optimized for high transfer-speeds to/from a storage drive? What settings in 7zip will produce the highest transfer rate?